Top 5 rappers that are going to dominate 2018

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With Hip Hop officially became the most popular music, next year will most likely allow rappers to benefit from a major record sales boost.

Rappers in 2018…

2018 is going to be the year when rappers are going to dominate the charts. With 2017 being the one when Hip Hop officially became the most popular gender of music in US, next year will most likely allow rappers to benefit from a major record sales boost.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the popular rappers so here are five names that have a real chance of putting their print on the game next year.

1. Trippie Redd

Coming almost out of nowhere, Trippied Redd seems to be having the Rap game on lock with his unpredictable style. Initially being promoted by only a few media outlets, it seems like the rapper is expanding his public with all major publications allowing him to showcase his talents.

With this being said, there’s no reason why Trippie Redd wouldn’t snatch 2018 from other rappers.

2. XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion’s debut album “17” was only a warm up. As a matter a fact, the Florida rapper has the most potential from all the XXL Freshman cover this year and it’s only a matter of consistency for him to dominate next year.

With Kendrick Lamar co-signing his music based on talent, it’s safe to say that X can conquer any mountain. Best of luck, X!

3. Cardi B

Even if most people thought that Cardi’s so called beef with Nicki Minaj would put her in a bad light, it seems like the feud boosted Cardi B’s brand in the Pop culture.

While currently scoring several singles that are doing impressive numbers on the streaming services, there’s no reason why Cardi B wouldn’t mark 2018 as her year.

4. Lil Pump

Lil Pump is one of the most fascinating personas of the Rap game. No matter what the young rapper does, it seems like his brand is going up while his numbers are going even higher.

Every music video that Pump has is in the order of millions so there’s no reason why next year things will change.

5. Famous Dex

In 2017 Dexter missed out almost every opportunity that he had but he was consistent with his music. XXL dropped him at the last minute due to his domestic abuse accusations but most likely, the rapper will not do the same mistakes next year. Especially now when he’s a father.

The rapper’s connection with Lil Pump can also be prolific for him. Weird but prolific.

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