Top 5 Reasons Why Beyonce Should NOT RUN FOR MAYOR of Los Angeles!

MAYOR of Los Angeles!

It is no secret that the Black Community exists in an constitutive state of dysfunction and buffoonery. Democratic policies have separated Black Families and destroyed the confidence of African Americans. Drugs, Crime, and Church Chicken restaurants hover the black community like airplanes do at airport landing strips.

MAYOR of Los Angeles


Yes REALLY! The Black Community is in DIRE need of Conservative AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE leadership. Liberal polices have done nothing but dismantle what Republican Blacks of Old BUILT! As the Black Community continues to die a slow painful death, there is news that Beyonce is considering running for the Mayor position of Los Angeles.


MAYOR of Los Angeles


It is no secret that Beyonce is very good friends with Michelle Obama. It is also documented that Beyonce is a NEGROCRAT (aka Black Democrat). Assuming that she does run for the Office of Mayor, I assume she will represent the Democratic Party. Beyonce and her dumb ass ex drug dealing husband Jay Z campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton in her bid for president. Although Hillary Clinton worshipped Margaret Sanger (who thought every black person should be aborted), Beyonce STILL threw her support around Hillary CLINTON! Here are the top 5 reasons why Beyonce has no damn business running for Office.



Let’s be honest here. Beyonce is a dumb as a bag of rocks. She can barely speak let alone articulate ideas. Any person who is a black democrat is a freaking idiot. 8 years of Obama should have convinced Black People that Liberal Democrats have nothing but chaos to offer them. Every black city (Detroit, Memphis, Gary Indiana,  Baltimore, et al) is ran predominantly by failing Black Democratic Leadership. Any person who supports the Democratic Party as an African American is an race traitor. Malcom X voiced this exact same opinion.



Besides being stupid, Beyonce does not have the time to study Politics. In fact, Beyonce does not have the brain capacity to study anything. Beyonce is an entertainer; she is not a LEADER. In the case of Donald Trump, He has vast experience in running businesses and corporations at a high level. This forced his hand into politics and understanding how such things work. On the contrast, Beyonce was too busy telling black women to get the African American Negro to put a RING on it!



19 out of 8 Female Leaders Fail. Women have no business leading when men are around. Black women are terrible leaders and make bad decisions. Look at the black community for the last 40 years and you will see EXACTLY what Female led communities rear.


4) Beyonce Has No Respect For MEN


Beyonce does not even have respect for her husband Jay Z. On second thought, who could respect a drug dealer who sold drugs to Black People back in Marcy Projects? Voting for Beyonce would definitely put women in a MORE dangerous place to rule over MEN!


5) Beyonce Could Then Run FOR PRESIDENT


This would be the greatest nightmare in American History. Should Beyonce win the Office of Mayor, it is not impossible to believe that she could run for President. I highly believe that she would fail in her attempt at the position of Potus. However, the fact remains is she could get funding and support from Liberal Jews and other outlets. This whole idea is a bad accident waiting to happen.



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