Top 5 weirdest moments involving rappers

Rappers hate it when someone throws shade at them but sometimes they do a pretty good job at it by themselves. Even if they like it or not, most Hip Hop acts aren’t as cool as they think they are.

Check out a list with top 5 most weirdest moments involving someone from the Hip Hop world.

5) ODB getting his welfare

Ol’ Dirty Bastard was quite a character but I have no idea what to call this one. Is it funny, embarrassing, weird?

In 1995, the Wu-Tang Clan member decided to take MTV on a ride to pick up his welfare…in a limo. Even if he was asked if he’s able to maintain a steady cash flow and the rapper replied yes, he still went there and collected his rights. I guess this is just ODB being ODB.

4) Nick Cannon dissing Eminem

Boy oh boy, Nick Cannon went all in for his lady. After getting dissed by Eminem on several occasions, Cannon decided to diss back the rapper with a track of his own so the following masterpieces came to life.

Unfortunately we can never un-hear this. Number 4 in our top, the Nick Cannon Eminem diss.

3) Tyga dances with a transsexual

Pretty much the beginning of the fall for rapper Tyga. Ultimately, the rapper lost his record deal, his assets, and his famous girlfriend – Kylie Jenner.

It all started when this happened and later on developed into a drama after the rapper started texting the shemale and even sent her a dick pic that was later on published, of course.

2) Lil Wayne going Rock

Lil Wayne and his Rock phase was pretty much one the cringiest rapper moments up until this point. After dominating the charts with his Hip Hop songs, Wayne thought that switching up to Rock music would be best for him.

Unfortunately, that was not the case and the rapper almost lost his fan base. “Rebirth” was a flop and Wayne came back to being a rapper in a matter of weeks. However, “Rebirth” still remains…

1) Bruno drops in on Eminem

Some people say that Em’ deserved this after years of harassing other Pop stars and some say that the whole thing was staged but one thing is clear: Bruno dropping in on Eminem while going 69 at the VMAs is one for the ages.

What do you think, was this staged or is it real? Hit the comment section.

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