The Top Five Most Worthless Blogs In Nigeria

A blog is a very flexible content publishing platform that allows you to showcase your passion, your knowledge, your experience and skills, and find an audience that is looking for someone like you to help them out, inform them, educate them or entertain them. People blog for various reasons. It could be to express themselves, to deliver valuable information and news to other people on the internet, to make money, to promote oneself, or even to connect with like-minded people. So, below is a list of five Nigerian blogs, which to me, are worthless. And, before you start criticizing me, don’t forget that these are my personal opinions. If you are not satisfied, you can make your own list.

1. Linda Ikeji’s Blog

I have written so much about Linda Ikeji before. I have praised her for her diligence, handwork and determination in blogging. Linda actually officially launched into blogging in 2006. She has really worked hard to become the queen of blogging and the mother of bloggers in Nigeria. We can’t deny that. But the truth is that no matter how perfect you are, there will always be some shortcomings.  Although Linda Ikeji’s Blog is popular, I still consider the blog worthless in contents. The blog is filled with people’s personal stories and gossips. Does it mean that Linda Ikeji cannot blog about anything else apart from gossips? It is difficult to find intelligent things on her blog apart from politics and gossips.


2. Nairaland


Nairaland was founded by Oluwaseun Osewa. He was born on 17th July, 1982. Seun is a young programmer and business man who hails from Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Growing up, he took keen interest in programming and the internet. He was a student of the prestigious University of Ile-Ife, where he enrolled to study electrical engineering in 1998. It was said that he dropped out and faced his programming dream which made him who he is today. Nairaland is one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria. However, they have their shortcomings, too. The site is just like a market place, where anyone can come and drop anything and go. There is no coordination on the site. People are required to have accounts and say anything. It is a place filled with a lot of errors and blunders.


3. Laila’s Blog

Laila’s Blog was founded by Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu and it is doing pretty okay. The uniqueness of her blog consists in the fact that readers can offer their own news. Communication with auditory is always a good thing. The private life of the blogger is confidential, although she has revealed in interviews that she was a banker. It is known only that she is a happy wife and mother of three children. Laila’s Blog is good but the blogger has to detach religion from blogging. Also, her writers should edit their contents before making them public for people to read.


4. YNaija


Chude Jideonwo is the founder of as well as the CEO of RED media group. His blog is culture-driven and seeks to promote the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. The blog also displays vacancies and has helped lots of people secure credible jobs. This blog is powered by the youth and has relevant segments for teens, opinions, politics, daily news and many more. The only things I have against the blog is that they need to work on the proper arrangement of their contents and proofreading of contents before dishing them out for public consumption.


5. NotJustOk


Mola Ogundele is the owner of this blog. It is solely dedicated to music. When it comes to online music blogging in Nigeria, Mola takes the cake with his music blog. You will get this when you listen to some Nigerian mp3. You would hear his website address mentioned at different intervals, whether you listen to Nigerian music over the web or radio, you must definitely hear a voice pronounce the name of the website, which is actually pleasing to the ear. However, it seems that the only thing they share through their blog is music. No intelligent write-ups. Nothing. Just music. They probably need to review their blog, too.

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