The Truth: What Men really want from women


What do men really want from women?

I believe it’s time we took a step back and asked ourselves this important question which will save us endless banter and misery.

As for the women, these are important pointers that you should take home and which should seek to make your interactions with us a bit easier.  Let me warn you however that just like women, men really don’t know what they want so it’s not cast in stone. They are also very selfish and they are the true definition of having your cake and eating it.

That’s why they will want you to spend endless hours at the gym working on your curves and looking sexy but they’ll be at home eating buckets upon buckets of KFC chicken. That’s why they’ll shove the narrative that men were not meant to be monogamous down your throat but expect you to be faithful throughout.

That’s why in Africa FGM was a thing because men were not expected to enjoy sex…why? Why should they enjoy the same privileges that men do?

With all that being said and having drawn a lot from my own experiences and that of my friends, I think I can deduce what men want from women, at least majority of us.

And thus in no particular order, here we go:


Men can tolerate a lot of things but what they surely can’t stand is a disrespectful woman. A nag who doesn’t know when it’s time to keep her mouth shut. A woman who shouts at them in public and embarrasses them in front of their friends without a care in the world; an emasculating bitch who doesn’t curtail her words and goes in great length to humiliate a man by going straight for his weaknesses. Unfortunately many African and Black women portray these traits and that’s why they are finding themselves at the bottom of the chain.

Genuine Love

Many men out here are also looking for genuine love. Love that comes from within and is inspired and driven by an unreasonable chemistry and desire; love that saw two different characters meet and connect and never to be laid asunder. A man is his ego and nothing propels and motivates a man than when he knows he has a genuine woman by his side; a woman who is not attracted by his money, power and influence but by his character. And don’t get me wrong, wanting a handsome man who is ambitious and has money and a lot of influence is a good thing, all I’m saying is that shouldn’t be the determining factor.

Curtailed Ambition

The third point is going to come off as a bit misogynistic but it’s the truth. All men want an ambitious woman but they want a woman who know when to stop; a selfless woman who is willing to drop everything and just support them. The reason why Obama and Michelle look so good together is because Michelle sacrificed everything and chose to fully support her husband no matter what goes. I bet she had her own dreams and ambitions but she chose to shelve under the rag and fully concentrate on being the first lady. And hey, I totally admire women who are focused on the grind, cutting deals and running big operations but just know when this comes in the way of a relationship with any man, just know things are definitely going to fall apart.


The other thing I guarantee you is that no man wants a nag for a spouse. An unappreciative person who never sees good in anything we do and is always trash talking all our efforts; a woman who is always complaining how she’s not getting enough attention and adoration and always picks fights at odd times. Men love their peace and they appreciate women who can let things go and choose their battles.

Team Player

Lastly, men are constantly looking for a team player in their lives to be their side. What do I mean by that? Let me give my own scenario, me and my girlfriend really like hosting parties and especially birthday parties and trust me we always go all out. You would expect that I’m always broke after this but that’s never the case as we cost share everything.

Things were never like that with this girl I was seeing a couple of years back. She was working as auditor in one of the most reputable firms in Kenya and making quite some good money; I think probably more than me. We would always go out and I would pay for everything; the food and drinks and get us a taxi back home since we both didn’t own a car.

However when it was time for her to leave for her place the next day, she would always ask me for Uber money to her house which was miles and miles away. And when I refused, she always tried to guilt me into thinking I didn’t love her enough to take care of her.

Sometimes I would be coerced to pay but it always left a disgusting feeling in my gut. Like she was just a user who believed men were only meant to be exploited. After enjoying her pussy for a couple of months, I cut her off and I bet many men would have also.





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