Turn Out The Lights The Party’s Over

“I don’t care if you have a billion man march. If you don’t put down the maltliquor
and chicken wings,……… you’re never gonna get rid of someone like me.”-Bulworth 1998

As 2018 approaches, with the exception of an irregular reference to the mid-term elections by TV ONE, it appears that Black America is largely sleeping. It seems as though black people are largely unconcerned with the outcome of their destiny, now that Obama is no longer serenading them with the sweet stylings of Al Green’s let’s stay together. Apparently, the marriage is over, and both parties are doing their own thing with a tacit agreement to be discrete. But it appears that the Democratic Party is so disgusted with the black vote, that they don’t even desire an occasional booty call anymore. As BB King once wailed with the soul of the Mississippi Delta in his voice, “the thrill is gone!” “the thrill is gone away!!” awwwwww the thrill is gone! gone away baaaaaby! Ok! enough of that. But you get the point. The trouncing that Hillary Clinton took in the general election was a slap in the face of all liberals who thought that they could count on the black vote to deliver the coup de’ gras to Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations. Blame could have been attributed to white male working class anger and mobilization, but thanks to Roland Martin and TV One, they robbed black america of a useful scapegoat by citing the lowered black voter turnout on election day. Concurrently, Hillary Clinton’s super predator description of black males in 96 was also an albatross that drug her down to the depths of defeat.

Hillary Clinton’s Super Predator Speech

When the Democrats lost the White House to Donald Trump, they were emotionally dejected. It was a deep pain that needed no words. Party bosses tried to keep a poker face, but the collective soul of the party would allow no such deception. It was as though they returned home early one afternoon from work and caught Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan running a train on Nancy Pelosi. And now the marriage is irreparable. So now the party is going back to its’ real roots: The Conservative White Working Class. It is a gradual drift that has not gone un-noticed by the major media outlets. In an article titled the Billion Dollar Mistake, The New York Times noted that in 2016, the Democratic Party and progressive organizations (white liberals) spent more than $1.8 billion, the majority of which was geared toward winning over wavering whites instead of loyal African-American voters. The article went on to say that other than radio and digital advertising aimed at blacks, initially, progressive independent groups did not allocate one dime of their $200 million budget toward mobilizing black voters. The point? The Democrats have had enough of swirling and now, like the prodigal son, they’re going back home.

In an another article by that shining publication of negritude, The Root noted that in 2014, white people were voting in stronger numbers than in 2012. However, the “total people-of-color” voter share dropped from 28 percent to barely 25 percent. It is a well known secret that the party’s most loyal demographic in the black community is black women. So what are the implications for the agenda of black women? With no protection from the total reach of white male political and economic power, will they be saved by the cavalry of feminism? Or will they be reduced to the nanny status of wet nursing the wounded pride of the white male working class? With 2018 mid-terms coming, we all know that there will be a lower than usual black turnout. We all know that for some reason the black community seems not to comprehend the extreme importance of local and state elections. We seem like people who are constantly chasing a bonus while leaving most of our money on the table to be split up by people who ain’t even working. More importantly, the Democratic Party has caught on to this fact and they will be shifting their allegiance to prevent a total mid-term massacre. By necessity, they will have to lend silent approval to right of center candidates in order to make amends for their transgressions. They intuitively understand that this will be a required sacrifice to the gods of reactionary politics to earn true redemption.

The result will be a deeper blue pit-bull democrat than those hound dogs who were howling at the moon during the Obamacare fiasco. There will be all out frontal assault on the rotted carcass of Affirmative Action programs. There will be a push for tougher than leather crime legislation that will lead to another round of mass incarceration. And though government spending cuts on social service programs will be delayed, they will return with a fury led by a new party with no memory of its past associations with liberal causes. Don’t feel bad. Because as Michael Corleone would say, it’s not personal, it’s strictly business. But if one looks at history, this is hardly surprising. Everyone knows that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery, the Klan, and Jim Crow legislation. We also know that this changed with the arrival of that part of the holy American trinity that adorned the walls of our grandparents: John F. Kennedy. As a result, most of the conservative democrats, with the exception of the late Robert Byrd, found refuge in the republican party. And it was these people that created the infamous southern strategy. Yes! you heard me right. The party that created the strategy of ignoring the black vote for the white working class, was made up of ex-democrats. So is it that surprising that they would adopt the playbook of their predecessors? It is here that we are confronted with the stinging admonitions of Malcolm X. He warned us against blind allegiance to any party, especially, the Democratic Party. He encouraged us to register as independents and make them earn our vote instead of taking it as a foregone conclusion. This is NOT an argument in favor of voting republican. It is political science 101. Because now that both parties perceive the effort of courting the black vote as an exercise in futility, the niceties are done. And like a drunken mind, democrats will speak only sober thoughts. The lights are on and somebody’s gotta clean up all this mess. The people who threw the party are leaving. They left the guests behind to put away the left overs and wash the dishes. Is there any more deserving task for the help?

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