Understanding the Social Market Value

In a naturally judgmental world, and in the often harsh society, your personal values and worth are often your best and only weapon. We hope you were keeping attention and followed our advices by creating a better version of yourself. Because if you haven’t done anything to fix that, your odds in the ol’ social game are pretty damn low. Why?
It all comes down to the all important SMV. It stands for two things that are often interchangeable: the social market value and the sexual market value. The former is an all round term that reflects your overall value in society – whether it’s dating, employment, friendships – it is your value and your ability to succeed in these fields. The latter is mostly reserved for your success with dating and women. Whichever it is, you need to be the best you can be in either one. A man with a low SMV is commonly a beta, an incel, or a cuck. He has NO SMV, and thus he has next to no chances to score in any social aspect. His own lack of social skills and values, his lack of good looks and respect – are the clear signs that point to his own lack of respect towards himself. His own disregard of himself has led to him being disregarded by others. And so, he is nothing and he is nowhere. He has a long way ahead of him. A long journey of self respect and self improvement.
Luckily you’re not that guy. You’re working actively on creating a better version of yourself. And with that, your SMV is steadily rising. So let’s talk a bit more about this important social asset.

Carrying Your Weight
Social market value directly reflects your own ability to carry your own weight. It’s basically – what you bring to the table. Even if it sounds simple and primitive – you can expect things to unravel in society according to your SMV. So, if you keep neglecting your physique, your fashion and your social skills – aka if you’re an incel neckbeard, you can expect NOTHING in society. No women, no meaningful relationships, no success and no successful employment.
But, on the other hand, if you dedicated a part of your life to hard work and self improvement, you can bet your ass that it will result in a significantly high SMV (and it can always get higher), and thus in plenty of success with women, friends and jobs. So in a way, SMV is pretty straightforward. It ties in directly with the need for self improvement in every aspect of your life. It is the self improvement that eventually raises your SMV. And from that, you earn respect, you become desired, and you become someone.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight
There’s confidence, and then there’s stupidity. You always have to be rational when it comes to your SMV, and the SMV of others as well. That’s why we say – “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. So, in simpler terms – don’t overshoot. As you raise your worth and value, you will be able to catch bigger fish and gain better results.  Until that point – work hard. Only through sweat, struggle and hard work, can you raise your SMV. These include the gym, the library, the university, different jobs…all of them combined are going to get you there. So, basically, social market value consists of the following aspects: physical looks (do you even lift?), charisma, conversational skills (aka GAME), fashion sense, self respect, self worth, confidence and intelligence. Try to master all of these, and practice each one. Some come naturally, others you need to gain. But whatever the case, you know what skills to perfect.

Respect is never gained easily. It took me years of hard work, rejections, shitty jobs and making ends meet, to finally reach a level at which I am: respected, desired, well paid, fulfilled and content. And at this moment I know that my social market value is pretty good. And besides all of that, I am still working on it and improving. Because if I got this far, imagine how far still can I go.
It is our sincere hope here at Negromanosphere that you’re realizing the importance of self improvement and the direct link it has to SMV. And also, it is our hope that you will not give up on the fight – so keep pushing to greater heights!

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