The Unspoken Requirement Women Have of Top Tier Men

We hear it all the time from women regardless of their background.   Publicly and privately they will state their preference for what they consider to be a top tier man.   This man is usually tall, handsome and charismatic.  He makes six or seven figures in a career that represents a high status.  In addition to all of that he is a great lover and believes in being monogamous.  The most important factor is that this man worships the ground that the woman walks on.

Now most sensible people will say that these requirements are unrealistic.  That’s not the point I’m trying to make.   A woman’s requirements are her requirements regardless of who agrees with them or not.   She can state whatever she likes publicly.   There is, however, a requirement women have of these top tier men that is never articulated.  Indeed these women are probably not consciously aware that they have this particular requirement.   Many women who want top tier men in addition to everything else require that these men have an attraction for idiots.

Yeah I said it.

Many women who want top tier men even to the point of rejecting average men are idiots.  It’s deeper than having unrealistic standards.  These women aren’t that bright.   Many of these women will be average looking at best, working low wage jobs if they are even working, out of shape, with a gang of kids from different fathers.   Yet the same women think that a handsome man who works out, has a high salary, has a pick of women, will want a woman who has obliviously made some poor decisions in life.   You know I’m right.

Often on social media a screenshot will be shared of a woman looking for a top tier man.   She will have multiple children, struggling to make ends meet, and have an unfortunate face.   They will list every high requirement for what they want in a man and then get an attitude when someone points out their stupidity.  Let’s think on this one for bit.

That top tier man didn’t just descend down from heaven to step into his E-class with his tailored suit and $500 shoes.   First of all for a man to get to the top tier is hard work.   If he is physically attractive he had to spend many hours in the gym or otherwise engaged in physical exercise in order to stay in shape.  Even with a handsome face.   Faces get fat too.  That’s just the physical piece.

A man making six or seven figures whether a pro athlete or a senior partner at a law firm had to work hard to get there.  It’s never an easy path.   A man has to put in long hours to hone his craft.   It’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  Women don’t seem like they understand this dynamic.

Many women feel like they can make bad choice after bad choice and that some top tier man will somehow swoop in and rescue her from these choices and they live happily ever after.   He’ll be loyal the whole time as well.   Yeah right.

The bad part is that these women don’t even know that they are requiring men to lower their standards or really not even have any standards.   They really think these men should want them.

Now I know some women will get mad at me and say I’m bashing women.   Some will even say that women are entitled to their desires.   Let turn this around a bit.  Should a woman who works to stay in shape and has worked to make a high salary want an unemployed man with multiple kids with multiple women?  It would require that she is attracted to idiots.   Think on this.

Women really need to think about what they are asking for in a man and also what it would take to get that man.  Many need to acknowledge, if only to themselves, that they require top tier men to be attracted to idiots.


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