Usifo Ataga: Murdered In A Hotel Room

The story of Chindinma Adaora Ojukwu and Michael Usifo Ataga has been going round on the blogosphere for some days now. It is the topic on the lips of many Nigerians and the rest of the world. It was supposed to be a story of romance but it became a tragic story overnight. The characters thought the story would have a beautiful ending. They didn’t know. They were ignorant.

The hotel was their location. They have been playing the sex scenes smoothly, secretly and gradually for quite some time. The unseen cameraman recorded silently. They thought it would be one of those beautiful moments they have been having before. The screenwriter, no one knew. Did they play what was in the script? Or they added their own? It seemed the characters were not prepared for what happened eventually.

It is indeed a sad story, a tragic sex story of a young beautiful 21 year-old Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu, a part-time student of the Mass Communication Department, University of Lagos, and Michael Usifo Ataga, the CEO of Super TV. According to reports, Chidinma allegedly stabbed Michael, a fifty-year-old CEO to death in a hotel room in Nigeria, after a little disagreement between the two characters.

It is quite unfortunate that the man died. The girl didn’t plan to kill him, according to what she said in the videos when she was interviewed by pressmen. They have been together in the hotel for three days, from Sunday to Tuesday, smoking, eating, drinking and moaning. They have been eating each other’s work for three days. If she had wanted to kill him intentionally, she would have poisoned his food or drinks or stabbed him unawares before the final day, Tuesday.

This is what happened: After eating her work for three days, the man wanted to eat her work again that night but she wasn’t ready for it. The man wanted to moan again but she said no moaning. The man wanted to have his way by force and it led to a rise of emotions that culminated in a bloody knife fight. She knew the man could overpower her because he was older and stronger, so she grabbed a knife to defend herself and eventually stabbed him.

Everyone sins. We just sin differently. I don’t blame the man for choosing to have a nice time with a beautiful young blood in a hotel. It is a consented agreement. In this Nigeria, all work and no play can make one run mad. Majority of these big men do this often, even the supposedly holy ones. There is no saint anywhere. The only mistake Ataga made was that he allowed himself to be wasted for what he could still enjoy for many years of his life.

This is a message to the men all over the world. Let what happened to Michael Ataga be a lesson to us all. It is either you stick to digging one hole or you dig different holes with wisdom and diplomacy. You don’t really need to die because of sex. You don’t need to send yourself to early grave because it is hard and she says no way. There are many fishes in the river. You need to stay alive for yourself and your family.

You will meet a lot of beautiful girls if you are still alive. When a lady tells you to stop, please respect her decision and stop. No means no. Don’t give it another interpretation. Don’t try to force your way in. It doesn’t matter if you have been eating each other’s work for the past one million years. Respect yourself enough to stop when she asks you to stop. If there is life, there is still hope of eating a lot of beautiful works.

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