Value Yourself – Don’t Worship Her

Introduction – Who Comes First?
The Pedestal. This word has become a thing to dread. A warning sign that signifies: a black pit for men to fall into. Putting her on a pedestal is a cardinal error. This error occurs at least once in the life of every young player, and if any common sense exists, it will serve as a one-time lesson. In a sense, at the core, it is a wrong allocation of values, a youthful infatuation with an ideal that was long yearned for. These same young guys who learned a valuable lesson, also learned that they valued insignificant things, they valued others when they should have improved, loved and valued themselves. Gaming is full of rules that can sometimes be learned only by trial and error, and to help you get a head start we will go in depth about the importance of placing the value on yourself and not worshipping random thots that stroll magnanimously into your life. Read on!

Dry as a Desert
In life there are set roles. There are hidden desires that are subconscious and can’t be put under control. They are the laws of male and female attraction, the set guidelines that create a powerful bond and a burning attraction. Now, if our young and inexperienced player fails to follow these guidelines, falls out of his role (not knowing it), he will ultimately fail to build up this attraction and slay his prize. And what is one of the biggest mistakes he can do? Put her on a pedestal. That’s right – the quickest way to get a woman as dry as a fucking Sahara desert, is to worship her and shower her with attention. It is the number one way to tell her that you’re not a man who is worthy of going downtown (if you catch my drift). So the number one rule should be – place value on yourself. Improve, know and love yourself and others will come after naturally. As we said in one of our previous articles, “The Desired Man: The Power Behind Outcome Independence”, you need to become the reward. Be the desired.

Power in the Wrong Hands
In every aspect of your life, gaming included, you should hold the strings. The power, the decisions, the initiative and the final word, should always be in your hands. By worshipping her, bending to her every whim and desire, you relinquish this power and place it in her grasp. You played yourself. Not only will you not slay, you will be exploited and waste your time and probably money.
So now you might be asking yourself: “What should I do instead?” Well, there are a couple of steps to take. First is the self improvement, which we wrote about extensively. You need to become the prize, and the best version of yourself. This is called the SMV (sexual market value) and you need to crank that s**t up. You need to turn heads. Next step, once you got the SMV, the knowledge, conversational skill, etc.. is to eliminate neediness. Kill that, and kill it brutally. Forget about clingy behavior. Make it your holy mantra. Show your importance, self worth, and busy life by not giving away your attention. Make her wonder about you and make her come to you, fall into your frame, instead of offering all the info on a plate, in form of a gorillion needy text messages. For more detailed aspect to this aloof behavior, this cutting off of attention, read up on one of our previous articles, “Keeping it Hidden: Why Women Love a Mystery Man”.

Conclusion – Free Rider
In time, as you play the game by these set rules, you will understand just how much freedom you discovered. There’s no more neediness, worrying and dedication of your time, efforts and care to people who don’t give a flying fuck about it. There is you now, the improvement and the inspiration, the happiness and the freedom to explore. By becoming someone, you also become a person of interest. A desired catch. And now that you know the rules of the game you can play it to your advantage. In a sense it becomes simpler. As you discover yourself, and find the joy that is hiding in self improvement, you will find out that your interests shifted as well. Worshipping thots is no longer an option for you, no longer a part of your daily agenda. You simply don’t give a fuck any more. And that, dear reader, is the best thing you can experience.
We hope you’re reading this because you know what is in store for you, and the rules of the game are now a bit clearer and closer to you. Keep improving, you know you deserve it!


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