Vital lessons Black American men can learn from African men when it comes to getting and keeping women

African men

What do men want in this life? I believe 4 things; to excel at something and get respected and appreciated for it. And when that is sorted, they want to be rewarded for this by making a lot of money and getting lots and lots of women. Others also want to keep these women and perhaps make honest people out of them by marrying them and starting families.

Am I Right?

However most of us are always looking to beat the system and get shortcuts because at the end of day we are just human and we can’t always be perfect. Whilst you might excel in one thing, you might be a total wreck in another and it’s totally okay.

That’s why we have guys like Rom Willis and Donovan Sharpe constantly giving tips on how we can better ourselves as men and have thriving relationships with women.

Well, today is also your lucky day because I’m also jumping on that bandwagon too. I’m going to talk about tips black men can get from African men on how to get more women and actually keep them. And having been born and bred in Africa, I’m the right person to decipher and package everything to your liking.

And the first thing Black American men need to learn is how to be cultured and have a purpose. Growing up as an African child, the first thing society tries to instill in you is to have a purpose. To realize that you are a man and you were brought into this world to achieve your cause and leave the word a better place.

And for you to achieve this, then you need to have principles and discipline to propel you to just that. And in return women will come flooding your way because why? Women love that shit. They love potential, ambition, a purpose coupled up with the drive to achieve and become better. That is what gets at them before anything else and that’s what most African men possess. In Africa it’s easy because most men grow up with father figures in their lives and secondly society still plays a vital role in the upbringing of kids.

As a black American man, you need to derive that purpose from somewhere, you just have to.

The other aspect worth learning from African men is the ability to be a man which if you ask me has to be the hardest thing to do in the 21st century. There are all manner of narratives being advanced by the media, fellow men, social media and it’s just all confusing. At the end of day you need to identify what’s real and what’s not.

And when it comes to interactions with women, you need to understand where the boundaries are and which buttons are worth pushing. And the biggest thing I notice in African men is ability to have confidence to ask for what they want. If they want to fuck, then they want to fuck….period!

They don’t try to sugar coat it or beat around the bush just to ask for that. The world is taking away this ability to know what men want and pursue it from women and that’s how catastrophe’s like simping and ending up in the friend zone are bred.

Black men also need to understand that mistakes are made and how you entirely become a man is by owning up to those mistakes. So when you stick your dick into a woman’s vagina, RAW just know there are consequences to that and you have to be willing to take up responsibility when that happens.

There is also that little aspect of knowing that women are control freaks and they might lead you astray if not properly tamed. They are selfish human beings who always want all your attention and things to go their way and that is simply impossible. So when you show up for date night 3 hours later after getting derailed by the boys, just know there is nothing wrong with that; you were just being a man.

*Disclaimer* Apologize though or you’ll not be getting vajay jay for the night.

Lastly, what Black American can gather from African men is the ability to take initiative. Take the initiative to hit the gym and eat healthy because well, if you have to have a purpose, then you need to look the part.

Take the initiative to love a woman and love her genuinely because we all have to do that at some point in our lives. It might not end well but hey, you tried!

Also take initiative to make your woman a better person and to your liking because nobody is perfect, nothing is and whining about it just won’t cut it. Some African families still practice arranged marriages and I have seen enough to know that they work; you can learn to love someone.

Lastly, take the initiative to work on yourself and become a better person because as a man nobody else will do that for you.





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