Vote Issues Not Personalities

One thing people don’t realize about me is that I once made money writing political articles.   My interest was in politics way before I wrote a word about male/female relationships.  My first novel, “Sellout” dealt with a Black man who was considered a political sellout.   Indeed I had designs on being the first Black President.   The second, if one considers that Bill Clinton was called by many the first Black President.  More on that later. 

            As for myself I still have time.  If a reality star Billionaire can become President why not a YouTuber making thousands do the same thing.   God Bless America.

            In order to write these articles I had to pay attention to underlying political trends and nuances.   One overall trend that I’ve always noticed is that despite how much lip service people give to a political candidate’s platform only a few people will vote for someone based on their policies.   I would assert that the overwhelming amount of people will vote for someone based on factors such as one’s personality or even how they look.  Our current president is a great example.

            I’ve encountered many Trump supporters where I live in the real world.   During the campaign out of the people I had conversations with about Trump only one out of thirty people gave a reason for supporting him that didn’t have to do with his personality.   This friend supported him for business reasons.  

            As an aside despite Trump being Trump many business people will quietly vote for him again even though they will likely denounce him in public.   Business people love the man.  It’s just business.

            Outside of that one person the reasons were about quite frankly liking his behavior.   Most of these supporters couldn’t articulate any actual policy ideas that he was offering beyond building a wall.  

            Honestly, it wasn’t too much better on the other side.   This has been the case going back to the eighties when I really started paying attention to politics.   I mentioned Bill Clinton earlier.  In June 1992, then candidate Clinton appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show playing the Saxophone.   More people, particularly Black people, were more moved by his cool persona than his actual policies.   Policies of which had a very negative affect on Black America.   But he could play the sax and had “negro” tendencies as one comedian observed thus he had great support.  

            The personalities of politicians can be entertaining.  To some extent they need to be in the era of social media and 24 hour news coverage.    A politician needs to look and sound good in front of a camera.   People have to get beyond that.   This economy is about to go into a downturn according to many experts.   Any political candidate, presidential or otherwise, needs to be vetted as far as their stance on real issues.   Yes healthcare will be discussed but there are so many other things to be addressed.  

            A great example is infrastructure.   As I was writing this article my power went out.   It was a clear day with no winds and no accidents.  Yet my power went out.   As I drive down the street I’ve grown accustomed to driving around potholes so big it seems like auto shops who do wheel alignments are getting a kickback from state governments.   We won’t talk about the crumbling bridges.   That’s just one of many issues.  

            The policies enacted by politicians can impact the quality of life of people for decades.  Indeed for a lifetime.   The politician may strike an emotional chord with a voter but the voter must get beyond that.   We have to examine where every politician stands on an issue and make informed decisions.   Our future depends on it.

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