Want a good relationship? Be prepared to pay the price

We all hear people talk about the shit they want, right? Women say “I wish I were hot”, guys say “I wish I were rich, ripped, with a 12” dick” and so on and so forth.

Well the vast majority of people who talk about what they want, rarely want to pay the price associated with it. The girl wants to be hot, but she doesn’t want to watch her diet and workout every day. The guy wants to be rich, and ripped, but he doesn’t want exercise financial discipline and lift weights every day.

One thing that ALL people want are great relationships. We ALL want them guys. Every man reading this right now regardless of what we know about relationships in 2018 still want good relationships.

Do we wanna fuck sluts by the dozen. Sure. But deep down we know and understand that a relationship of consequence with ONE woman is a much better life than going out and chasing ass every night. I speak from personal experience.

Niggas wanna be swole, but niggas ain’t tryna do this

Obviously women want great relationships but both men and women alike are simply unwilling to pay the price needed to be paid to actually have a good, lasting, healthy relationship. At the first sign of trouble girls open up their phones and and hit their exes on facebook.

Dudes are just lazy. When his woman acts up he’s like “Fuck it, she’s not worth it. If she doesn’t fall in she’s fuckin’ gone!” And we wonder why relationships are in the shit these days.

But there’s another reason people don’t pay the price and it’s because they don’t KNOW the price. It’s like walking into the grocery store, picking up a steak and not seeing a price on it. But men and women are grossly unaware of what it REALLY takes to build and cultivate a rock solid relationship.

Well you’re in luck today because uncle Donovan’s gonna break it down for you. I’m not going to talk about the female cost because women inherently know the costs involved with keeping a high quality male: Stay fit, be trust worthy, take care of him. simple. But as stated before too many Men don’t know what the male cost is.

And this is real shit gentlemen. This isn’t something I just came up with on the fly. This is based on 20+ years of experience with women…the good, the bad, and the ugly. So here we go

Cost #1 – Exercising Red Pill awareness

Most Men in this part of the world have plenty of Red Pill awareness. Most Men know that the state of sexual relationships between Men and women are as bad as they have ever been in history and that’s no exaggeration to anyone who’s been paying attention.

It’s one thing to have Red Pill awareness but it’s quite another to put it into action consistently. And when you do, there are unintended consequences such as your social circle shrinking, not liking women quite as much as you used to, and the thrill of the chase getting old because the process you use to fuck most girls is pretty much the same.

Living the red pill life ain’t all peaches and cream. Yes, you’re fucking higher quality girls, your financial portfolio looks better, you’re traveling, and dominating life. But all of that comes at a very high price. Knowing what we know is an incredible cross to bear but it is required if you want to have a lasting relationship of consequence with a woman that benefits you as a Man.

Cost #2 – Keeping your woman in line

A trained woman is a happy woman and a woman in line makes a happy Man. There are many benefits to having a woman who stays in pocket. She doesn’t disrespect you, she represents you well in public, she makes you her priority, she doesn’t engage in behaviors conducive to infidelity, and she takes care of your sexual and non sexual needs.

A woman in line is much less of a headache. You don’t have to think about her as often which is a luxury because you’re confident that your training is paying off. You don’t take for granted that she won’t screw up but you’re confident that she’ll do right by you.

However, there is a high price to be3 paid to keeping your woman in line and at times it can damn near be a full time job.

Maintaining dominance at all times

First off, you have to maintain constant dominance and this is not easy. You can’t show weakness, you can’t open up to her emotionally no matter how much she says she wants you to, and you have to be steadfast in your convictions, right or wrong.

You have to maintain a dominant frame at all times…again, very difficult to do at times. This can be a major headache and sometimes you don’t feel like doing it but if you want to maintain your woman’s respect and adoration, this is the price you pay.

Correcting bad behavior swiftly and consistently

It’s not easy correcting bad behavior. It’s not easy to withdraw your attention from your woman when she fucks up…especially when she’s attractive and you’re horny. But she was a bitch earlier and you need to make sure she understands that this will not be tolerated.

Let her throw a fit and carry on with shenanigans. She needs to be taught a lesson

You think it’s easy not to fuck her that night? You think it’s easy refrain from grabbing her head and plunging it onto your cock after looking at her ass as she walks around? Hell no. But it has to be done.

it’s easy to reward good behavior. It’s easy to take her to the beach for the weekend because she’s made you 3 course meals all week long. It’s easy to surprise her with a nice gift because she’s been a good woman to you all month. Rewarding women is easy.

But it is far from easy to punish bad behavior. It sucks. She’ll throw fits, she’ll cry, she’ll shit test you, and this shit sucks.

Watching her squirm as a reaction to your decreasing availability when she gets outta pocket? Remaining stone faced when she cries in front of you because you told her the next time you find out she reactivated her facebook page behind your back she was out the door? This is not easy, but again, this is the price you pay.


Look at the dude who has the hot girlfriend who’s still head over heels for him. They’ve been together for a couple years but he still has her adoration, love, and attraction.

She still adores him but that adoration doesn’t come cheap

That guy will tell you that it is far from easy to maintain this kind of gravitational pull with his woman. There are benefits to having an extremely attractive woman on your arm but as the saying goes, there’s no free lunch.

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