Watch Out for “Build a Man” Women


I was watching Divorce Court one day.   I love seeing the different scenarios presented on that show because it confirms the relationship subjects I talk about.   This one particular show had this overweight sista who was 36 dealing with this young dude who was 21.   I just shook my head because I’ve seen this on daytime TV a few times and in real life a whole lot.   These are what I’ll call “Build a Man” women.   Other people may have harsh ghetto terms for this phenomenon.   I’m going to keep it classy.  Let me tell you the game.

In general women say they want the tall, handsome man with money.  What a woman wants and what they can actually get are two different things.   The women who can get the tall handsome men with money are the women who are top tier with beautiful faces and killer bodies.   Even with the large beauty and fitness industries most women are average looking at best.   In other words they can’t get the top men.

Ironically these women either don’t want or can’t get the men who are closer to them in attractiveness.  Either the women are holding out for the top men or they are so unattractive that most men don’t want them.   That’s when a woman decides to “build a man.”   Different groups of women will go about it in different ways.

There are some women who are older who managed to keep a certain level of sex appeal.  We call them MILFs or Cougars.   Since they are older and somewhat established as far as material goods it’s hard for them to find a man closer to their age to satisfy their needs.   Unfortunately many men as they get older don’t stay in good shape.  Even worse many are not that good in the bedroom.   So these sexy older women decide to “build a man” to satisfy their needs.

MILFs and Cougars usually find a young man with a good body build and the disposition to follow the lead of a woman.   These women will usually steer the young man in certain career directions and they are especially fond of giving the young man gifts such as money and clothes.   Some may even get the young man a car.    Many gigolos start off this way.  Attractive women with money can get a young hunk as a build a man.  Other women have to work with less than optimal material.

Older women, ugly women, and fat women who don’t have a large disposable income can’t get the young studs.   These women get the busted dudes and try to clean them up.   These women will get the men just coming out of jail, they’ll get the homeless man, and they’ll get the addict.  Some who are desperate enough will get a mentally challenged young man.

As with the Cougars the busted women will work to build the young man.  They will try to shape him into the man they want.  The funny thing with these women is that their plans usually backfire on them.

The older women with money usually create players.   If one woman is willing to trick on a young man then another is willing to do the same thing.  All of a sudden that young man has several women giving him money and gifts.   He decides he can make a living at this.  Not only as a gigolo but many male dancers start off this way.    The bottom line is that a MILF or Cougar end up building a man for someone else.

The problem with the busted women is that the young man they are attempting to build will probably not change.  If he was a bum to begin with, all the clothes, money, and job applications won’t make a difference.   In his mind she wanted him when he was bum so in his mind he will stay a bum.   Women often act surprised when their “build a man” does something crazy.  I tell them that the dude was crazy to begin with.

Ultimately building a man never works for a woman.  If they have to go to that point they are in trouble.   A man can only build himself.

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