Ways Christianity Groomed Me To Be A Simp

Ways Christianity Groomed Me To Be A Simp
Bible Verses:
Ephesians 5:25: Husbands love your wives, even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it.
Ephesian 5:28: So ought men love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
Ephesians 5:33: Nevertheless, let everyone of you in particular so love his wife as himself; and the wife see that she REVERANCE her husband.
As a child, I attended church approximately 3-4 days a week. My mother often played Gospel Music throughout the days and nights. She would often preach God’s Word to me and my sisters, throughout each week. During the summer breaks from school, she would often turn off the TV and make us read the Bible orally to the rest of the family. As we got older, she gave us a choice on what we could read. If we couldn’t decide what to read, she handed us the Bible.
My natural father left the family when I was very young. He had been irresponsible in keeping a job, paying bills, and being a good role model tome and my sisters. My mother always told us about the proper ways that women should treat men. She also emphasized the ways that men should treat women.
In our gynocentric society, many women don’t really show deep respect for men that are good to them. Men feel good when they have helped a woman solve her many problems. Many women, have many problems, because, they expect God, Jesus, the Government, or some man to fix their problems. They often feel entitled to “Receive Help” in it’s many forms. The biggest problem that men face in helping women is their Non-Apppreciation.

Matthew 5:44: But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and pray for them that despitefully USE YOU and PERSECUTE YOU;
For many years, I was nice to people that were mean to me. I always carried myself respectfully and I always showed respect for others. In my dating interactions, I was always generous to my girlfriends. Many times, I spent all of my money going on dates, buying presents, paying for gasoline, for their cars, etc. After a few years, I noticed a trend, when my relationships were over, I was always broke and my credit cards were maxed out. On top of that the women were always mad at me!
Women rarely spent money on me. However, I always spent money on them, and even gave them money when they cried broke. If I said that I didn’t have much or any money, they would often give me a negative look. I didn’t think that the women were being fair. I was even called stupid for spending all of my money with them. Nevertheless, I still tried to be the “Good Guy/Better Man” in the situation.
In this world, no one really cares about men. Especially BROKE MEN. It doesn’t matter how you became broke, or continue to be broke. Men need to put themselves and the careers first. You men need to start living a life of Continous Improvement. Every year you should strive to make your life better than the last year. Investing in relationships with women is a waste of money. Keep your spending to a minimum.

God will give it back to me
When I was young, I heard several Christians say this statement to me. Throughout my life I remained generous and helpful to others, especially the women that I dated. After each disappointing breakup, I would look at y bank account balance and reminisce about all of the money that I had spent and say, “God will give it back to me”. Every time that my bank account was replenished was because I kept working and put money in it!! When I complained of my continuous disappointment in women, many females in my life acted like they didn’t care, or even chuckled.
I thought that I was doing the right thing by being so generous. One family friend would say to me from time, to time, “God gave you the strength to go to work and make more money”. I would reply, “My bank account is not God’s!”. I soon came to the conclusion that I am not on Earth to help people. Furthermore, I am not going to be a 2nd source of income to a woman, just because we’re dating.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
My mother would often repeat several statements That the preacher said in church. She would say ”If you see someone that needs help, help them” and , “If you see that your loved one needs help, they shouldn’t have to ask for help.” One time I went to a young woman’s apartment for dinner. Her apartment was hot and steamy. The next day, I brought her a fan to dry and keep cool. After dinner, she laid all of her bills out onto the dining room table. She began to say, I wonder how I am going to pay all of these bills”. I stated, Do you expect me to pay them?” She got mad and yelled at me for several minutes yelling about how she needs a man to help her out, and if I couldn’t help her, I could get the FUCK OUT!! So, I peacefully left her apartment, WITHOUT THE FAN!!!
I was always helpful to others, because, I wanted someone to be there to help me if I ever needed it. Looking back over the years, I have helped many people. Many of the people that I have helped wouldn’t and still won’t help me now. Their reasoning for not helping me now would likely be, “You’re doing better than me, financially. Why should I help you or pay you back?”
I am BLESSED so that I can be a BLESSING to someone else
Here we go again!! I learned this statement as a grown man. I continued to be the “Nice Guy/Bigger Man”. Whenever people would state their problems, I would think about how I could help them. If I could help them, I would volunteer my time, skill, and money to be helpful to others. I had a long term friend named Chris that I would often hang out with. If I called him to hang out, and he didn’t have any money, I would Say, “Do worry, I will pay your way”. Many, many times we would hang out an dI would pay for them. No one else that I hung out with would ever pay for me like that. Additionally, I wouldn’t let them. I figured that since he and I were both broke, one day he would reciprocate the FAVORS.
Down through the years as I earned higher salaries and worked my ass off, his financial situation didn’t improve. I decided to stop hanging around broke people. They would often criticize the amounts of money that I would spend on myself, even is I spent a little on them. I figured that since I worked my ass off, so I could get what I wanted. I didn’t owe them what I GAVE THEM!! I have always liked nice thing. Those things came at a high price.
One day, a statement came to mind, “You need to take care of the person that appreciates everything that you do!” That statement created a paradigm shift in my life. I started putting myself first! I stopped dating LOW INCOME women. I would tell women that by dating me, I wouldn’t be a 2nd source of income. I would also tell them that I wouldn’t pay for every date! Several times, I cancelled dates because I chose to take MYSELF SHOPPING!! I had to learn to become selfish. No one in this world was going to get me whatever I wanted. Lastly, There is only one person that is guaranteed to be with you forever. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care of that person BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER EVERY relationship.

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