Only Weak Beta Males Love a ‘Bossy Bitch’


There was a time in society where just about all men were considered to be masculine, and just about all women were considered to be feminine.  This was a good thing.  Masculinity tends to attract femininity, and vice versa.  There is a reason why men and women possess different hormones and different genitalia.

Then came the Second Wave of Feminism in the 1960s, and everything changed.

Are men still men?  Are women still women?

In today’s society, you now have many women who are more masculine than many of the men, and many men who are more effeminate than many of the women.  Is this a good thing for society?  In a word, no.

There are more divorces than ever.  There are more instances of domestic violence than ever.  There are more single mothers raising children by themselves than ever.  This is not by accident.  This is not a mere coincidence.

How appealing are women who are ‘bitches?’

I was on recently, and I could not help but to notice that the top selling book in the dating advice category was Author Sherry Argov’s Why Men Love Bitches and not too far behind in sales was her companion book, Why Men Marry Bitches.  The popularity of these two books is a testimony to the sad state of affairs between men and women in today’s dating scene.

If you have read my previous articles, you already know that I tend to delineate men into at least two different categories:  ‘Alpha’ males (i.e., men who are very masculine, have a strong sense of backbone, very dominant and uncompromising, and generally perceived by most women to be seductive and good in bed) and ‘Beta’ males (i.e., men who are very accommodating with women; very flattering and entertaining toward women; very lenient and compromising with women; and very financially generous and emotionally empathetic with women).

What Alpha male type do you know who genuinely wants to be in a long-term romantic relationship with a woman who is a ‘bitch?’  What Alpha male type do you know who genuinely wants to be married to a woman who is considered by many to be a hard-to-get-along-with ‘bitch?’  Please introduce him to me.

The only motivation any Alpha male type has for socially interacting with a woman who is a ‘bitch’ is to execute the confident expectation of ‘turning her out’ (i.e., having sex with her in such a dominating and satisfying manner that it provokes her to ‘unleash’ her more feminine side, her more erotically uninhibited side, and her more submissive side).  Beyond that, there is nothing appealing about an ‘Alpha female’ to an Alpha male.

Many women aspire to become a ‘Bossy Bitch’

A few months ago, I read a status comment posted by a young Black woman on Facebook that read, “I love Beyoncé because she is such a Bossy Bitch.  No one can touch her!!” Maybe Jay-Z loves having a ‘bossy bitch’ as a wife.  I sure would not.  I mean, what part of the game is that?

When a woman is very controlling and domineering, and she gives birth to a son, I can almost guarantee you that her son is going to go off in one of two directions as he gets older:  Either he is going to a) grow up to very effeminate in his behavior toward both other men and women, or b) rebel against the influence of his mother, and more-than-likely become some sort of very macho acting street ‘thug’ in an attempt to compensate for not having a strong male presence in his life.

Personally, I have never witnessed a marriage or long-term relationship lasting indefinitely when both the man and the woman in the relationship were both dominant. Such a relationship or marriage simply does not work.  Even among Gay couples and Lesbian couples, usually one partner is the dominant ‘Alpha’ while the other partner is the more passive and submissive ‘Beta.’

Bulls, Cuckolds, and Hotwives

Most dominant women will rarely if ever confess this publicly, but the reality is, no woman is sincerely sexually turned on by a man who is erotically submissive.  It is simply not in their genetic code to be.  Now, make no mistake:  Women LOVE men who are FINANCIALLY accommodating and submissive.  No doubt.  But again, I have never met a woman in my life who admitted to being sexually aroused by a man who had a very obedient and submissive nature about him.

This is related to my article about the concept of ‘sexual duplicity.’  This is why many women behave in one manner toward some men, and a totally different manner toward other men.  For example, in what is known as a ‘Bull-Hotwife-Cuckold’ relationship (which is a blend of the BDSM lifestyle and the Polyamory lifestyle), a woman who is the designated ‘Hotwife’ (a title she carries even if she is not legally married) will behave in an ultra-submissive and sexually obedient manner with her Bull(s), but conversely, she will be totally dominant toward her more submissive Cuckold, who is essentially her indefinite Sugar Daddy and/or financial provider.

It is one thing for a man to CHOOSE to become a woman’s cuckold, but it is more disheartening for a man to become a woman’s unknowing cuckold by circumstance.  There are many men right now who have no idea that they are their wife or girlfriend’s cuckold while some other more erotically dominant man is treating that same woman as if she is his personal slut.

Many Black women are desperately in need of femininity training

I believe the Black community has arguably the highest percentage of women who seem to have a blatant aversion to the idea of being ultra-feminine around men and erotically submissive to many men.   And with the growing number of effeminate, passive, no-backbone having Black men finding their way into mainstream society, the plight of dating and relationships among Black dating singles is going to progressively get worse.

As long as there are weak Beta male types of all ethnicities who are able to earn six-figure, seven-figure, and eight-figure salaries, there will always be dominant women waiting in the wings to become their Hotwife.

What are the solutions?

If you have a son, raise him to be a strong man with balls and backbone.  Teach him not to tolerate any disrespectful, spoiled, and/or undesirable behavior in general exhibited by women.

If you are a single heterosexual man, stop behaving like a thirsty, weak Beta male toward women.  Stop giving away your non-sexual attention and companionship for free.  Make women earn your attention and companionship.  Stop being a ‘Captain Save-a-Ho’ and/or a fawning ‘White Knight’ toward women.  Grow some balls and strengthen your backbone.

If you happen to be a woman reading this, and you are a self-proclaimed ‘bossy bitch,’ let me ask you:  Are you happy being single?  Are you happy being married to a weak Beta male type?  Do you want to raise a son without a father, or with a father who has no apparent backbone?  The womanizing Alphas and Bulls will leave you alone once you reach 40, 45, or 50.  Are you ready for that?

Today’s dating scene among singles is a mess.  If things do not change and improve quickly, it will only get worse.  Men need to reclaim their God-given roles as the leaders in a marriage and any romantic relationship.  Women need to regain their femininity and sex appeal.

Next thing you know, women will be wearing business suits and men will be wearing skirts.

Oh.  My bad.  We’re already there.

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