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Gentlemen, there is a wealth factor for entrepreneurism that escapes most African Americans men, hint, it’s not a six-figure salary, stocks, bonds, CD’s, mutual funds, 401K’s, or any such instrument promoted by the architects of control, no, it’s none of the above nor is it any of the corporate, banking, stock market, or government controlled financial time bombs forced upon the masses. It is however a technology available to the privy few, this wealth technology is not exclusive, the privy factor speaks to the fact that few are willing to learn the technical specifics and its functionalities to create wealth through this technology platform currently available at your fingertips today.
This technology is creating more millionaires then most of the top twenty wealth index rating categories which include: tech firms, hedge funds, traders, and investment banking, this profession ranks right alone with these six, seven even eight figure income professions.


What is this technology?


The technology is called Crypto-Currency, this technology essentially creates digital money which can be used like any other money or currency, you can use the digital currency exactly the way you would use a credit card, debit card, or cash, and it is 100% legal.  And best of all, no government on earth controls it or produces it, crypto-currencies are created by digital miners, these miners build, buy, and share specialized computers designed with powerful ASIC chips with greater than super computer speed and hashing power to solve complex mathematical problems, and once the problem is solved a block is created which is the reward to the miner, and that block value can vary from $10k to $100k or more.
The more blocks created and mined, the greater the reward, this is a simple explanation to a complex industry, the reason being is that there are quite a few crypto-currencies, but only a few are solid crypto-currencies. The industry is also one of the fastest growing employment industries in the world today that very few people know about. Let’s look at some of the employment and self-employment opportunities available in the crypto-currency industry:
The Crypto-Currency Bitcoin specific jobs which did not exist before:

• Multisig and script developers
• Microtransaction engineers
• JavaScript crypto developers
• UX/UI designers specializing in user-only security (Cryptocurrencies are among the few setups where only the users must have access to his private keys. very difficult to design around that.)
• Crypto asset specific traders
• Bitcoin crowdfunding and consulting (several models exist, all unique to currencies)
• Specific ASIC chip designing jobs/companies
• Mining pool operators
• Bitcoin gambling service operators
• TOR market operators
• Bitcoin multisig escrow agents
• Crypto specializing lawyers (all these startups need to get advice somewhere!)
• Cryptocurrency exchanges
• Cryptocurrency ETF operators
• Cryptocurrency ATM providers and identity verification services
• Cryptocurrency fraud detection services
• BitShares delegates
• Ripple and Bitshares gateways
• Ripple and Bitshares market makers (liquidity providers)
• Cryptocurrency exchange arbitrators
• All those cryptocurrency startups jobs
• And much more
• Future jobs we expect to open up soon:
• Open Transactions federated server operators
• Crypto asset rating agencies (stocks, bonds, and all kinds of new assets)
• Crypto contract lawyer. A mix between lawyer and crypto developer
• Decentralized identity verification services (Like centralized certificate


Also, African American men must also learn this industry and its technologies thoroughly and completely, as Asians and Caucasians are currently blazing the path in this industry with over twenty-seven billion dollars in market cap, this industry is wide open for a takeover in growth and innovation regarding two of the industry’s biggest problems which are:
Security: The ability to secure crypto-currency theft at exchanges which are trading platforms, as well as other forms of crypto currency movement across the web.
Loss: recovering lost crypto-currencies regardless of the circumstances
While security of crypto-currencies has improved dramatically, recovering lost crypto-currencies is still far off from becoming a reality within the crypto-currency industry.


This introduction is simply to make African American Men aware of the great wealth available to them throughout this industry, study this industry two hours a day for 30 days, and you will learn the industry.
This topic is a three-part series, so look for part two and three which will provide greater details of how African American Men can become wealthy through crypto-currency entrepreneurism. In the meantime checkout these two links.

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