Wealth at Your Fingertips while Riding the Financial Bull

Financial Bull

In this series, Wealth at your fingertips will expand upon the sound premise of crypto-currency entrepreneurism, resting conclusively on the fact that through the full application of mastering the intricate knowledge regarding the blockchain crypto currency Eco systems, can within any reasonable calculation enable the full employment and self-employment of over thirty million black men within three to six months of mastering one or more blockchain related professions. This burgeoning industry is currently in its development infancy with a total market cap of twenty-eight billion dollars, and deserve adequate examination and full participation regarding the blockchain cryptography, and other sectors of the industry with an aim towards financial and economic liberation. So, it is important not to overlook this reality, since African American men are often the last hired and the first fired not to mention the low pay, is an excellent reason as to why African American men must beat others in the race towards this industry before Asians and Caucasians dominate this emerging industry.


Wealth Without Borders


Modern day education without a hands-on approach, stifle most black men who often excel when several methods of teaching are combined as a curriculum vs. the abstract class room model practiced to date. We now know as fact, that when the model is changed so too are the results, example, research has shown that when a African American man child is provided a compound education model which equally include hands on real life examples, clear and comprehensive nontraditional textbooks, observation and demonstration using physical examples rather than exclusive black board abstracts, always excel within that kind of educational environment.


More importantly, such an environment often nurture innovation and genius among those privy to the compound education model, what is my point here? The blockchain technology, crypto currency Eco system has everything that younger students, young adults, and mature African American men can use to generate revenue, future technical skills and knowledge which is increasing in demand across all technology spheres opening the door to an explosion of opportunities not seen since the advent of the internet.


Digital currency is the future of money, look at your debit or credit card, is it not digital? The blockchain crypto currency Eco system is the next phase of digital currency the world over, African American men should and must master this technology now, such an initiative would guarantee your place at the world table of specialized blockchain cryptographers, coders, and programmers sought after by the world, all of whom will need your services, especially in developing countries.
The key elements for power acquisition, include future knowledge, particularly highly specialized knowledge, this industry significantly can empower African American men in so many ways including:


• Specialized Technical Knowledge in extremely high demand blockchain industries
• Multiple revenue opportunities that coincide the blockchain, crypto-currency Eco system
• Ability to construct mining rigs for clients who would like to mine crypto currencies at home and commercially, this applies to those who are skilled at building computer systems from scratch, mining rigs is the next step, master the construction of highly efficient rigs, and software installation, repair and maintenance, and you are set for life with a skill that will never diminish in value, or in other word, this skill alone is a gold mine
• Traveling around the country and the world providing your expertise to companies, private ventures, and more
• Mining crypto currency master nodes profitably from the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Pivx, and others
• Trading crypto currencies profitably with reduced risks
• Educating yourself thoroughly in multiple blockchain related professions to increase your technical skill sets for the financial and technical value these will command. Master your craft in this industry, you will then hold the status as a free financially strong highly skilled knowledgeable international man without borders.
• Building side-chain revenue streams and more, here is where the fun begins
• Receive anonymous payments from services you provide in crypto currencies not taxable, as crypto currencies are not considered money but rather an asset in some countries, while in other countries the laws vary, seize the advantage!!!
• Portable profession without borders, live anywhere in the world and enjoy life
• Portable Revenue anywhere in the world to get free and stay free
• Get Crypto currency charge cards that you can use anywhere in the world
• Teach others your profession working as a consultant or instructor
• Purchase property out right with your crypto earnings or anything for that matter


Once you master this technology, there is no stopping you, the benefits and advantages are worth their weight in gold, platinum, Bitcoin, and quality diamonds, this is your time to dominate black man, don’t hesitate or squander this opportunity, get started, time is not on your side. I also appeal to those who read this article to get the word out as best you can, no one should be overlooked, there is a saying that talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not everywhere. Help whomever you can to walk towards this path.


Your Action Get Started Now Plan

The blockchain crypto currency eco system is now the new opportunity arena, and African American Men must step confidently into the ring and compete for their lion’s share of the industry. Utilize this action plan to get started today without hesitation, and do not allow yourself to become intimidated by something new or allow yourself to be discouraged on this quest, go all the way, and don’t turn around, win, and win again, success is the only option period, as this industry is surely where the new wealth will emerge this decade.

Step One Link: Learn how to accelerate your learning

Step Two Link: Learn all you can about the blockchain cryptography Eco system, each word is a different link, don’t stop keep going, dig deeper and deeper to begin the process of learning and doing what you need to do to get started in your new profession

Step Three Link: here are the accounts you set up, but don’t do anything with them until you master your understanding of how these accounts work and how to use them properly and profitably, in this article you will obtain key resources to move forward.


The purpose of all the information provided is to accomplish the following:

1) How to learn at a rapid pace without down time, thus quickening your entrance into the industry

2) Education, Information, Illustration, Demonstration, and Application of these initiatives to broaden your knowledge base in preparation for activation. There is a wealth of resources within the text of this article as hyperlinks, use them.

3) Setting up the appropriate accounts that you will be using to begin earning revenue daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly from multiple sources including your side chain revenue streams to which will be provided in part three of this series.
In conclusion, save the entire three-part series of this article titled, Wealth at Your Finger Tips, and put this information to work for yourself right away, as a consultant, rig builder, or cryptographer, your employment or self-employment salary will start at between $60k to $100k once you have mastered your craft. This is the African American Man’s time to shine, stay tuned for the final installment of this three-part series, Wealth at Your Finger Tips which I promise will be the icing on the cake.

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