Wealthy People Are Not Wicked Folks

I don’t know where I had picked up the dreadful stereotype. The sad thing was that it was operating subliminally. It was much later that it came to the fore and I couldn’t deal with it. What stereotype? Rich folks are evil crooks. I had also come to believe that rich people are proud, that they hate people who are not in their level.

It is probably a mixture of reading a lot of fairy tales, growing up in a poor home, and some misconceptions from a couple of religious subcultures. What is a child to make of the story of Lazarus and the rich man in the Holy Bible? But, the stereotype started receiving a beating when I started understanding life, when I started studying how the rich live and how the poor live.

Overtime, I have been privileged to know many millionaires who are simple, cultured and humane. The stereotype has been killed. What a person has does not always define them. We need to understand that poor people are not in any way spiritually or morally superior to rich people. There are crooks and evil people in all strata of the society. But, is it possible that money can foster evil? Yes. And no.

Money, if you think about it is inert. In fact, it doesn’t really exist. It’s a convention. It is a symbol. It’s a story we made up. We are the ones who decide what we will use it for. We can use it in such a manner that will become a blessing to many people. We can also use it strictly for selfish ends. We can use money to oppress people, to send them to jail, and to destroy or kill them. We decide. But, the poor are not morally or spiritually superior.

I do not believe that money answers all things. It doesn’t. I also do not believe that it is more difficult for the rich to enter heaven. That is one of the misconceptions that keep myriads poor. It is even easier to make heaven when you have money. You’ll have the opportunity to help a lot of people and make life better. It is only ignorant people who say money prevents one from heaven. It’s insidious because it operates on a subliminal level.

In nature, we find the key to the right conception. Nature is a profusion of abundance. It’s in man-made systems that you find poverty. Nature offers us a bewildering array of alluring goodness. And, it also has a built-in capability for multiplication. You just think of a seed. When you plant a seed, it grows and bears more fruits. Nature wants us to flourish. The conceptions we have shape our reality.

If the conceptions are right and are matched with the right action, it is certain that our efforts will be rewarded. You are not spiritually superior to someone because you are poor. In fact, if you are not careful, poverty can lead you to hellfire because it encourages you to think of going into crimes. Poverty is an indication that one is not properly aligned with nature’s rhythm. After all, one of the simplest and most potent truths nature reminds us of is that we reap what we sow.

If we want more, we simply have to sow a lot of better quality seeds and use all that nature has blessed us with judiciously. And, being spiritual, if we are attuned to our nature, we can decide that what nature rewards us with, will be used for the most sublime ends. That what we have will not be used to oppress others. That it woud be used as a blessing for our fellowmen. That it would be devoted to ennoble and elevate mankind. That’s the way to use our wealth.

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