Weeding out the Weak – Crushing the Soyboy Image

Introduction – The Bottom of the Barrel
All of you regular readers of the Negromanosphere, and all of you who are just discovering the masculine view of the world – we’ve been together for some time now, and we went over some pretty important subjects. But it’s about damn time that we tackle one of the crucial subjects that has been the thorn in our side for a long time. No more beating around the bush – we’re here to discuss the absolutely dreadful and sorry state that fell over men like a dark cloud. The title uses the word “soyboy”, but in truth there are so many different names for the weak, beta, simp males that are defining the image of masculinity today. They are the result of a progressive deterioration over the years, bombarded by feminism and modern fashion, imagery and horseshit on social media. The time has come to stop it, reveal it and put an end to it. We need to crush the image of weak, numale cucks – and we need to make them understand the deep hole in which they have fallen. It’s high time for the masculine image and lifestyle to come back into play.
So read on, as we discuss this modern difficulty and try to understand it. And by understanding it – we can fix it.

The Hard Cycle
There is this popular thesis that is perfectly suited to define this theme. It is the well known “hard cycle”, and it goes like this: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.” Pretty simple but works great to explain this natural cycle. And let’s face it, we’re right in the middle of it, and the cycle is about to make the full circle. It’s up to you to choose where you stand.
Through the modern “good” times, with all the comforts of modern life and internet, we have been stuck with the “weak” men. Usually obese, obsessed with video games and anime, virgins in their mid 20’s, and the perfect examples of the so-called “incels”, these men have no achievements in their life. In fact, they make some aspects of our lives (game for example), easier, but they are also leading directly to hard times.
In every “red pill” rulebook, these men are the true beta – a walking atm, the orbiter, the friendzone guy. But let’s not hate – to help this man, we need to crush the image and the lifestyle he’s in. How to do that?

How to Crush it?
To crush the soyboy image, you need to live your life fully against it. But as you do that, you need to help out. Reach out and share. You too started from zero and worked your way up. It was hard, but you struggled to the top. And somebody helped you along. Now it’s your turn to do your part. Join some forums, subreddits, youtube channels. The manosphere is big today, so find a place where you can share your tips and tricks, and help these betas overcome their failures. The Negromanosphere forum is a good place to start.
Yes, you could be thinking, that these men are unaware of their situation. While this might be true, by getting the word out, it could become a driving force. A new wave that will tickle some brains and get it going.

Standing Outside the Crowd
You might be asking, why is it so important not to be a soyboy, both visually and mentally? Good question. There’s equal importance in the way you look and in the way you think and act. So how does the typical soyboy look like? I think you know the answer already. It’s either the grandpa’s old checkered cardigan, a pink or yellow high collar polo shirt, a huge ass, floppy titties and a beer gut, and of course, the unmistakable sign of a cuck soyboy – the oversized, thick rimmed glasses. And there, my gentlemen, there is the sight that will make a woman drier than the fucking Sahara desert.
So that’s why it is important for YOU to stand outside of that crowd. We wrote before, on the fashion styles, the game for men, the independence and self improvement. Once you create the perfect version of yourself (through some hard work of course), you will become a white star in a sea of darkness. You will stand out and become a magnet for success, women and respect. And by doing that – you have crushed the soyboy image.

We hope that you share our views on this faulty image of men. Even if it is not a lifestyle, an inner fault, it can still be a bad thing if it’s only related to fashion and body image. So the best way to crush this weakness in men is to be the complete opposite. Drag your ass down to the gym, break some sweat and redefine who you are. Be that light in the darkness. Question your values, your goals and previous achievements? And most important of all, ask yourself: “Am I someone who will be walked over and put in the shadows?” And by God and sonny Jesus, I hope your answer is: “HELL NAW!”

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