What makes a woman wife material?

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The Red Pill teaches Men many things. Not the least of which is that getting married is one of the worst decisions a Man can make. Marriage in 2018 is a bad bet at best, emotional and financial suicide at worst. I recently discussed this with Oshay last fall:

That said, it would be disingenuous of any man not to acknowledge that having one quality female is a better life than slaying sluts every night. Sure, it’s fun to stick your dick in new pussy. There’s no doubt about it. But not having to deal with the constant rejection, spending endless hours at bars or clubs dealing with vapid annoying females just to get laid and getting STD tests every month is just a better existence. I speak from personal experience.

So what’s a man to do if he’s looking for a woman to share his life with when he knows their true nature and the constant fuckery they get up to? What qualities should you look for in a woman that separates herself from most women?

First, let’s lay down the basic (and obvious) requirements a woman has to meet in order to be considered to be main chick material:

  1. She has to be attractive: If I don’t want to fuck her, I’m not interested. Period.
  2. No kids: I’m not tryna take care of another niggas kids. Fuck that noise.
  3. She can’t be a broke ass bitch: I don’t mind spending a little coin on my woman if she earns that privilege and the situation warrants it. But I’m not gonna pay a woman’s electric bill or phone bill. She doesn’t have to be rich but she’s got to be able to pay her bills.
  4. No feminists: No need to elaborate here. Feminists make bad significant others as a natural by-product of their very ideology.
  5. No feminist beliefs: While most women don’t identify as feminists, most of them have feminist beliefs such as the ridiculous notion of gender equality, egalitarian relationships, and the “wage gap.” These women can sometimes be even worse than feminists. At least feminists are up front about their fucked up mindset.
  6. She can’t be black: Again, no need to elaborate. American black women are the worst significant others on the planet. Period.

If she’s fuckable, not black, doesn’t have any kids, isn’t hitting you up for money, and doesn’t have a feminist mindset she makes the first cut.

No broke bitches

“But Donovan! There are plenty of good looking non-black women out there with no kids who don’t hit you up for money every week and aren’t feminists but are still raging sluts who will royally fuck up your life! How do we find a good woman in the fucked up pool of women we’re dealing with??”

I’m glad you asked. Here are 3 of the most important elements that make a woman potential wife material.

#1 Honesty

A woman who can’t be trusted is a woman who will make a bad wife and mother. The very tool women use to cheat and engage in nefarious behavior is lying. More women lie than women who do not and that’s an immutable fact.

Spotting a lying female is always difficult at first simply because you don’t know her that well. But women have a way of telling on themselves through a concept I like to call “trickle truth” and I’ll give you a quick example:

Let’s say a girl tells you she and her boyfriend broke up because he was physically abusive and cheated on her. You give her the benefit of the doubt because a) you weren’t there so you don’t know and b) you’re giving her the benefit of the doubt (which is a huge mistake in and of itself).

If what she says is true, she’ll never talk about it. But if it’s not she’ll let the truth slip out about parts of their relationship that contradict what she tells you. She might slip up and tell you that he was sweet, or that he would never lay a hand on her, or something to that effect.

If you catch her in even one lie, she’s a liar and can’t be trusted. Honest women are women who are honest even when they don’t want to be. Unfortunately most women take the easy road and just lie. But if you can find a woman who is honest to a fault, you might have yourself a keeper.

#2 Transparency

This is a big one. I often discuss the fact that my girlfriend has a GPS monitor on her phone, a key logger which allows me to see every single key stroke, as well as software that notifies me when she when she leaves or arrives at any location in our city including where we live, where she works, and stores we frequent. It goes without saying that she doesn’t have a lock on her phone and allows me to go through her phone whenever I damn well please. I also made her delete all of her social media accounts and she happily obliged.

The reason she does this is that she wants to be completely transparent. She wants me to be 100% certain that she’s not up to anything suspicious. 99.9% of cheating happens on a woman’s phone. Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Twitter, you name it, girls use it to fuck other dudes.

My girlfriend has forfeited her autonomy to become completely transparent meaning she has no issue with me knowing exactly what she does on her phone. This is one of the main reasons I made her my girlfriend.

I’m not saying I’d marry her but the fact that I made her my first official girlfriend in nearly 7 years says a lot. A woman who is willing to be completely transparent is a woman who could potentially be a long term partner.

#3 Accountability

It’s not my fault!

Nothing pisses me off more than a woman who makes excuses:

“I’m fat because I have a thyroid condition!” No, you’re fat because you eat crap and don’t exercise.

“I got fired because my boss is an asshole!” No, you got fired because you sucked at your job and were always late.

It’s always something with these bitches. Worse yet, are women who make excuses for their bad behavior:

“I cheated because he was neglecting my needs!” No, you cheated because you’re a slut and you needed a reason to be a slut.

“I don’t cook for him because I don’t have ingredients for a meal!” No, you don’t cook for him because you’re lazy and can’t cook.

“I don’t dress up for him because I’m just too tired!” No, you don’t dress up for him because, again, you’re lazy.

A woman who isn’t accountable for her bad behavior is a woman who will never change for the better. We don’t expect women to be perfect but we expect women to be better. And in order to be better, one has to be accountable for their actions so that they can course correct and make the proper adjustments.

When you call a woman out on her bad behavior she should acknowledge her mistake, own it, take her lumps, and tell you she’ll be better. End of story. Yes, she’ll defend herself at times which is a natural human response. But more often than not, she should take her lumps and improve herself.

But if you’re dealing with a woman who always chirps back when you get on her about shit she shouldn’t be doing, she’s simply not going to make the changes necessary to increase her value to you as your woman.

But when you DO find a woman who holds herself accountable, she has potential to make a good wife and mother, provided the aforementioned elements are in place.


Keep in mind that finding a woman that meets all of these requirements is next to impossible. Using myself as an example, when I met my girlfriend she met the first 5 basic requirements and was honest (to a fault) and had no problem being transparent. The accountability element had to be trained into her, and it was.

The point is that even the girlfriend of the great Donovan Sharpe needed work and that’s going to be the case with most every woman you meet. Be prepared to put in the work but make sure she’s willing to embrace the training.

An attractive childless non-black woman who has her own money and doesn’t have any feminist beliefs isn’t enough to warrant the moniker of wife material. She’s gotta be honest, transparent, and accountable as well.

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