What Non-Select Guys Can Learn From The Sad Saga Of “Fresh & Fit”

It's been a long, hard year for one of the Black Manosphere's rising social media stars

“Number 4, I know you heard this before,
Never get high on your own supply…”
-The Notorious B.I.G., “The Ten Crack Commandments”

It’s been a long, tough slog for the “level up” duo known to the social media world as “Fresh & Fit”. First, back in the summer, “Fit” – better known as Myron Gaines – had an embarrassingly bad outing of his attempts at what could only be called #MeToo-level coercion of a fitness influencer from out on the west coast to have sex with him on the grounds that he’d only do “business with women who slept with him first” and then was implicated in the impregnation of another minor social media “model” (it has to be said that the claims have proven baseless; checkout Oshay Duke Jackson’s takedown of Myron here: “Oshay Roasts Myron of @FreshandFit Over Thirsty A$$ Text Messages…AND GUESS WHO IS MAD?“, Aug 23, 2021; “Why @Kevin Samuels Most Likely Stopped Dealing with @FreshandFit …and GUESS WHO IS MAD?“, Aug 24, 2021; “@FreshandFit Need To Be Put Out Of The Manosphere Community…. And Here’s WHY“, Aug 21, 2021; all on YouTube!).

Now, only months later and as the year is winding down, it’s his partner “Fresh”‘s turn – whose government name is Walter Weekes. In a recent string of live shows and videos, Fresh has been derided and mocked as a Game & Pickup poser who tried to buy his way into a sugar baby’s heart via the website Seeking Arrangement. Even popular social media personality DJ Akademiks tried to talk a bit of sense into Fresh, letting him know that you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife – especially one that you essentially bought and paid for (“@FreshPrinceCeo Get Exposed By @Aba & Preach For Simping over a Gold Digger…and It’s MY TURN!!!”, Nov 24, 2021, Oshay Duke Jackson’s YouTube Channel).

Alas, it was all for naught; as of last week, Fresh was seen hamming it up for his fans on his personal YouTube channel, with his sugar baby in tow and that he continues to swear up and down she “is into him for him” and that’s because “he has Game” – and this after the now viral and infamous attempt on the part of Fresh to lean in and kiss his supposed “sweetie” – her instinctive recoil, was all one truly needed to know, as to how strong Fresh’s “Game” actually was (“Truth Exposed Fresh Is Miranda’s Sugar Daddy⁉️“, Nov 20, 2021).

It truly is a very sad thing to witness.

Because I am close to those who have at one point or another over the past year have had relatively close ties and associations with Fresh & Fit, I’ve been quiet about them and have avoided saying too much about them publicly; but as the year is nearly at an end, and with those whom I happen to know having long severed their ties to the duo – and with Fresh now in the cross hairs – I think it’s the perfect time for me to speak my piece.

And what a piece I have to say. Tight yo chinstrap for this one!

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As soon as I saw Fresh & Fit’s act about a year or so ago, I instantly saw what made them a hit: They essentially aped shock jock legend Howard Stern’s schtick: Gather a lot of hot chicks in-studio, have a duo-hosted podcast (Stern has Robin Quivers as his) and engage in what can only be rightly described as “frat bro humor” – lots of boasting, insults, bravado, with some “Game” sprinkled in and all wrapped within a slick-looking production studio that is in a Miami-based apartment. Hey, I can’t and won’t knock these guys’ hustles: They have a very successful social media presence and influence, lots of action on their Patreon, and plenty of big-name guests to come by and chop it up to boot.

The problem, of course, is that neither Fresh nor Fit, actually are living what they preach, which IS important. If they were strictly doing this for the laughs, shits and giggles, no one would be clowning them so roundly these days. But they put themselves out there as apex Alpha Males and High Value Men with killer Game and Pickup skills, when they have anything but that, and it shows.

Another problem I have with Fresh & Fit, is how they came up; unlike others in the Black Manosphere like yours truly, Oshay Duke Jackson, the Angryman or even “Saint Kevin” Samuels, F&F “came outta nowhere” – I first got wind of them via Donovan Sharpe – and their rapid rise made me highly suspicious, because no one of any consequence inside the Black Manosphere itself was able to actually vet these guys. Seeing how things were shaping up – and highly suspecting that they would crash and burn – I decided to keep a healthy distance from these guys in as many ways as possible, including the highly sensitive YouTube algorithm.

And then, I simply waited. And sure enough, almost like clockwork, the first of their “crash and burn” fiascos began, with Myron.

Months later, it would be Walt’s turn.

But, you know what? I honestly don’t think this will be the death blow for these guys. People who are a lot smarter and savvier than me when it comes to the social media game, have pretty much said the same thing, though they won’t be as explicit as I will with why – which is this:

Because what Fresh & Fit “sells” more than anything else, is what used to be called a “playboy/jetsetter lifestyle”. Their core demographic is young men, aged 18-30 or so, if that. And, let’s keep it all the way a buck – when you’re a young guy, you’re essentially a loser. You’re broke, not gainfully employed, a goof, have trash Game (if any at all), not likely to live on your own, have a car, you name it. That’s one of the major reasons why, in Black American life, ballers and rappers are so highly exalted, because these are younger men other younger men look up to and aspire to be.

And Fresh & Fit, despite their being well into their 30s themselves, appeals to this demographic that has bought the fantasy that these “average at best” looking/acting guys are out of control ballers with the bitches at their beck and call. And to be brutally honest, I can’t really be mad at that – I mean, what young guy wouldn’t want such a life, compared to his own real one, which is for all intents, a shitty, lonely and pathetic existence? In case you think I’m going a bit too hard in the paint, consider this piece from the august Atlantic (“Colleges Have a Guy Problem“, Sep 14, 2021); or how about this one from another verified and respected news source, the Wall Street Journal (“A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost’”, Sep 6, 2021); here’s another one, from Psychology Today (“The Silent Epidemic: Young Men Dropping Out of College“, Mar 31, 2016). And that just for starters. Lest we forget, let’s also include the tomes, “Manning Up” by Kay Hymowitz (Mar 1, 2011) and the more recent “The Boy Crisis” by one of the Manosphere OGs, Dr. Warren Farrell (Feb 26, 2019). All of these articles, books and more, chronicle the very real sad state a lot of younger men are in today so it only makes sense that there will be those who will come into that void and offer the fellas something they can believe in.

Fresh & Fit has done just that, and while there are others who bemoan the “bad influence” they make for younger men today, I am not gonna hate on them for merely doing what any good businessman does: Identify a market, find out what it wants, and meets the market demand. As the aforementioned sources make clear, younger men’s woes were extant long before Myron and Walt came along – and will very likely remain once these two guys are gone from the social media scene.

What I DO have a problem with, is their trying to clearly be something they’re not and buying into their own hype. While I have been among the loudest voices for making the case that Black women are far and away more delusional than the rank and file Black man, here I have to make a notable exception – especially when it comes to Mr. “Fresh”. He has demonstrated a delusional mindstate that simply boggles the mind and beggars belief – and that brings us to him, more particularly, and what the Non-Select brothers in this dojo can learn from his truly sad state of affairs…

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Let’s be brutally honest here: Walt fits the Non-Select Guy archetype to a tee. Right off the rip, he’s short – I’ve never met the guy in person, but at the global male average height of 5’7″ and essentially the tallest of the short guys myself, just eyeballing him, I’d say that he’s about the same height as Kevin Hart – around 5’4″ or so. And we know well that women the world over have an expressed preference and desire for male height, at least 5’10” and preferably the sweet spot between 6′ & 6’4″ or so. Not only that, but we also know that depsite our living in the Age of Wokeness, women can and will go bananas clowning short guys with glee – prominent Black Manosphere YouTuber “The Poor Man’s Podcast” recently discussed this and the evidence in this regard is overwhelming (“Does A Womans Weight Matter To Men? @The Lapeef Network @Chantelle Simone“, Nov 12, 2021; “The Poor Mans Podcast: Women don’t like short men. Dating advice for short men. Short shaming.“, Dec 11, 2020; “Do Women Like Short Men?” Nov 11, 2021). Moreover, the kinds of women that turn Fresh’s crank, are particularly shallow and superficial – so he’s starting out the gate facing a seriously uphill battle.

Second, he’s NOT handsome or buff. Another prominent YouTuber who himself is pleasing to the eye and has extensive experience with Game and Pickup accused Walt of having a “dad bod” and I have to say that he ain’t wrong. True, Fresh isn’t a beach ball by any stretch, but no one’s gonna accuse him of being a little shredded gymnast body either. Given that he’s really short off the rip, he doesn’t make up for much in the “body game” department and thus, it takes him from an uphill battle to a Mount Ranier north face style scaling.

Third, Fresh is NOT a leading man facially. Tom Cruise has gotten on and remains so because despite his lack of stature he’s a really handsome looking guy. Fresh, not so much. Bottomline, he ain’t pulling NO hotties based on his physicality AT ALL. Game, set, match.

But to add insult to genetic injury, what makes it even worse for Walt, is the fact that he appears to have a very real – and noticeable – speech impediment. My elder brother had one too (a really bad stutter) and our family rallied behind him to get the professional help he needed to get it under control, which he did. He went on to live a productive life as a small business owner and had a wife and kids before he passed away. With Fresh being a reputed millionaire, there is simply no excuse to keep his speech impediments around, which can and will pretty much obliterate any chance of him running the most basic of “Game”, let alone being a silver-tongued devil.

All in all, and from a strictly “looks/charisma” standpoint, Fresh simply doesn’t bring much to the table. If you’re a short guy and not a particularly handsome one at that, you have to know that you WILL have to compensate, BIGTIME, pardon the pun. That means that at the very least, you can’t be fat, you have to be particularly well-dressed AND you have to be a little charismatic son of a gun. Fresh doesn’t deliver on any of those counts. He looks, acts, speaks and reads (in other words, “comes off”) like the typical dudebro – and we all can see how that worked out for him.

Again, if I sound particularly harsh in my assessment of what Fresh brings to the table, you are clearly unfamiliar with me and my work; as I’ve said in a previous column right here in this august journal, the most powerful weapon a Non-Select Guy has in his arsenal is a brutally honest sense of self-awareness (“Can A Non-Select Guy Be A High-Value Man?“, Sep 14, 2020; “What Does A Black Woman Owe A Non-Select Guy On A Date?“, Aug 18, 2020; “The Non-Select Guy’s Burden“, Jul 28, 2020, all on Negromanosphere.com). Not only that, check in with the classic “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil “Style” Strauss and listen to the one and only Mystery himself upbraid the new recruits in his boot camp, if you think what I just said above is bad. Indeed, it is this brutal self-awareness that makes it damn near impossible for any woman to “finesse” him, because he isn’t delusional enough to think that a stompdown hottie in one of the most touted cities on planet Earth for such women, is “into him for him” and that it’s all due to him “having Game”. The Non-Select Guy who accepts who and what he is, would never even fix his mouth to utter such nonsense. Fresh, on the other hand, is a Non-Select Guy who cannot accept that he’s a Non-Select Guy – which is truly dangerous, as we’ve all seen for ourselves.

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Now I’m gonna go into the good news about Walt, and those who have followed my columns will remember this one quite well: “Play to Your Strengths” (Jun 15, 2020, Negromanosphere.com). In that column, I made the case for how and why Non-Select Guys had a lot to offer out on the open mating market, once they understood and identified their strengths and made no apologies for playing those UP:

“As noted above, while Black women clearly have their “lists” and have a marked preference for the physical on them, this need not be a death sentence for the Non-Select Guy. Keeping in mind the fact that not all (Black) women place the same importance on some traits in Black men as others, keeps things in perspective. Not only that, but it is very possible to have, less than half of the traits on Buss’ Big List and still do well for oneself out on the mating market.

The fictional Tony Stark, known to the Marvel universe as Iron Man, is an excellent case in point, and by now you’ve noticed his quip above in response to a very blonde reporter who wound up spending an evening with him. In a world full of enhanced people endowed with superhuman powers, Stark is but a mortal man – but he is a stompdown GENIUS and in a very real sense, walks among gods (He even tangled with a thunder god in the first Avengers flick!). His ability to create novel inventions, including one that saved his life after a horrible accident by one of his own weapons in Afghanistan, is a testament to his intellect. Years later, he was the only Avenger able to go toe to toe with Thanos – imagine that! – thanks to his newly upgraded armor that was comprised of millions of nanobots.

Not only does Stark use his brains to create witty inventions and make an even bigger fortune than the one he was gifted with by his father (Yea, he would definitely have “economic capacity” on the list!), he also uses it to devastating effect in his interpersonal actions with others – especially women. If you closely study the clip that forms the basis of the leadoff quote/interaction Stark has with the reporter, you’ll find that his repartee is lightning quick with a sharp wit (“Tony Stark Meets Christine Everhart | IronMan”, YouTube). Known in the pickup world as “Cocky Funny”, this style of humor and delivery really does turn women on, because it is an irrefutable sign of intelligence – something that can’t be faked.

As a matter of fact, contrary to popular opinion, nerdy or geeky guys are excellent candidates for learning things like pickup, BECAUSE they’re so damned smart. Don’t believe me? Read “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” for yourself. Famed pickup artist Mystery tells author Neil “Style” Strauss that one major reason why he picked up, well, pickup, so quickly was because he was a smart guy.

So trust me, “Intelligence” – ranked number six on Buss’ Big List – can definitely take a Non-Select Guy a long way.”

Walt is no dummy – a dirt poor immigrant from Barbados, his story is not that far off from the fictional Tony Montana in the 1980’s remake “Scarface”. Armed only with a burning desire to succeed, Fresh has done that in spades, so we have to say that he’s quite the savvy operator. Too bad he didn’t transfer those smarts into the pickup world and his interpersonal relations with the lovely ladies, to say nothing of remaining grounded in the facts of his existence as a Non-Select Guy. Had he done both he wouldn’t be in the seriously stinky pickle he’s in right now.

Aside from improving his verbal facility and adopting some quick-witted “cocky funny”, another solid Game principle Walt completely missed the boat on was the utmost importance of Target Selection, something I’ve discussed previously as well. If you’re in the market for a serious LTR and God forbid a marriage, chances are very high that you’re not likely to find ladies of that timbre in locales like Miami – the Citadel of Good Time Charlenes, let me tell you. As Walt himself bears out, a major reason how and why so many guys fail with the ladies is because they failed to choose their targets carefully.

Let me also say at this juncture, that I bear no ill will in the least to ladies like “Miranda” – I have no problems in the least with “sugaring”, for the simple reason that men of means have always had their sugar babies, courtesans, kept women, jumpoffs and whatever else you want to call them. In fact, these ladies make life a lot easier for guys who already have a lot on their plates, because they know their place, the terms and conditions and rules of engagement are clearly laid out and agreed to, and the parties involved enjoy each other for the time allotted and once that’s over, no one is the wiser. And for men like Walt – hardworking, smart and to a goodly degree creative yet lacking in all the outer trappings of what the better off ladies go for – the Mirandas of the world are a true blessing. They are because guys like Walt can play to their natural strengths, instead of trying desperately to be something they clearly are not, embarrassing themselves in the process. What Walt suffers from – and what ultimately caught him up – is something that is very acute in and unique to, Black American male culture: The idea or notion that if you have to “lead with your wallet” that you’re somehow “less than” or worse, a “sucker waiting to be licked”. Only in Black America, are such lies so fervently believed.

The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of Black men can only dream of achieving the kinds of success Fresh has, especially at a relatively younger age at that; but the pull of the big lie is so strong, that guys like Fresh “got high on their own supply” and instead choose to believe what clearly isn’t the case. A major lesson here for the NSGs in this dojo is to never, ever, allow yourself to believe your own hype. Doing so opens the door for others to exploit you, laugh AT you – or BOTH.

Had Fresh simply accepted his genetic lot in life, and coupled that with where he comes up big in other areas – being driven, successful, smart and self-improving in areas that would actually move the needle for him – he wouldn’t be the laughing stock he is today. As I’ve said earlier, I don’t think this latest faux pas for Fresh & Fit will be the death of the not-so-dynamic duo. But I do think it’s fair to say from this point on out, that any cred they had in being “Game Gurus” has left the building a long way back and it’s been definitively confirmed. They have reduced themselves to little more than a minstrel show now, sans the blackface.

“Send in the clowns”, indeed.

We’re done here.

Now adjourn your asses…


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster, talk radio show host, commentator, newly minted dating coach and author of “The Book of Obsidian: A Manual for the 21st Century Black American Gentleman”. You can catch his daily live shows on YouTube & Mixlr, as well as his dating coach column at the Negromanosphere website. One of the “Three Kings” of the Black Manosphere, Mr. Ali has contributed to the creation and development of Black Male Media. Follow him on Instagram at @ObsidianRadio. He’s also a semi-professional pest.

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