What’s it like dating a white girl who acts black?

Most of us are familiar with terms like “mudshark” and “coal burner” used to describe white girls who only date black guys. It’s anyone’s guess where these slang nicknames came from but there’s little doubt that they’re used mainly as derogatory jabs directed at such women. Oshay Duke Jackson recently pointed out that the two most racist groups in America are white men and black women so it should come as no surprise that these two groups use this term the most when describing Caucasian females who’ve swam to the dark side and have no intention of (trying) to swim back.

White girls be beggin’ for black dick

Identifying white girls who only fuck with black dudes isn’t usually too difficult but the easiest ones to spot are the ones who act like they’re black. You’ve seen her before…the white girl with the big hoop earrings, hair in cornrows, extra long finger nails, and a hip hop ring tone. When you walk up on chicks like this it’s not a stretch to assume she fucks niggas on the regular and they love nothing more than to broadcast this fact to everyone around them.

Many black men wonder what it’s like to date these broads. They’re white on the outside but seemingly black on the inside so they seem to be a bit of a mystery. I don’t have much experience with these kinds of chicks but a good friend of mine down in Vegas has plenty of experience with them so I reached out to him for some insight on what it’s like to slay these sluts.

So let’s jump right in and see what “Chris” can offer us in the way of finding out what these girls are really like:


Me: “So what’s the main difference between running game on your average black girl and white girls who act black?”

Chris: “The main difference I think is that black women a lot harder to approach and strike up a conversation with even if you see that she’s feelin’ you. For some reason black females seem to take offense to being approached by a black man out in the open so they tend to make things difficult for you even if you can see she’s attracted to you.

But wiggettes (white girls who act black) are always receptive to game day or night. They act black on the outside with their dangly earrings and crazy ass finger nail portraits and shit but when you step to one all that wannabe black girl shit disappears, except for the way they talk.”

Me: “Wow, that’s crazy! I honestly thought they were just like black girls through and through man. I mean, the way they act is convincing.”

Chris: “Yeah they’re good at acting and looking the part but when you start talking to ’em or holler at ’em it’s easy to tell they’re still white girls at heart.”

This was a little bit of a surprise to me because I assumed that “wiggettes” were just like black chicks in terms of the way you run game on them. But according to Chris, the act is little more than a facade.


Me: “You and I both know black chicks are some of the biggest hoes out there. Are mudsharks the same way? Was it easier to fuck them? More difficult?”

Chris: :::laughs::: “Bruh, all chicks are hoes you know that! But seriously, wiggettes give it up like any other woman out there. I wouldn’t say it’s any more or less difficult to fuck them on the first date or a first meet up. Having good game turns all girls into hoes whether they’re black or white.”

Me: “Ha ha…okay, dude fair enough but do these kinds of chicks suck dick? Most black girls I’ve dated or fucked either didn’t like to suck dick or they complained about it. I don’t think I ever banged one who actually sucked my cock without me having to ask or tell her.”

Chris: “I’ve gotten head from plenty of black girls but I ain’t gonna lie…gettin’ ’em to go down on you can be a chore. And even when they do it they don’t do it for long and it’s sub par. They basically do enough to shut you up about it.

Cornrows and big hoop earrings…two sure fire mudshark tells

But I’ve never had that problem with white girls and that includes the ones who act black. Kinda like runnin game on ’em that black girl act goes away when you get her back to your place or go to hers”.

Me: “What about anal sex? I’ve never fucked a black girl in the ass, I don’t think.”

Chris: :::laughs::: “Neither have I! I’ve tried a few times but it’s never worked. For whatever reason black girls aren’t down with letting you fuck ’em in the ass. I think it’s the same as blow jobs. They see it as demeaning and submissive and most black females don’t like being submissive to a man in or out of the bedroom.”

Me: “Well what about wiggettes? Ever go back door on one of them?”

Chris: “Oh most definitely….plenty of times. If I’m fuckin’ her for long enough eventually I go for anal and more often than not she’s down for it.”

Once again it appears that white girls who act black are just acting that way to get black male attention. Once you get her between the sheets she goes right back to bein’ the white girl she was born as.


Me: “Alright, Chris let’s talk about how they treat you. Do wiggettes treat you the same way typical black women do or do they treat you like the typical white girl.”

Chris: “Well I’ve never been in a relationship with one so I can’t really talk about their treatment of me in a relationship.”

Me: “Okay well what about for a booty call or a fuck buddy arrangement?”

Chris: “When you put it that way, then yes. One girl (wiggette) I was fuckin’ who lived in Henderson used to order food for us on nights we hooked up. We fucked on and off for a few months but she always made sure I had something to eat when I went out there. I think she used that as an added incentive to get me out there and keep me away from other booty calls I had haha!

One chick I was banging would give me back rubs when we’d get together and another chick would bring popcorn and soda for the movies we’d watch at my place.”

Me: “Ever had a black girl do any of that stuff for you?”

White moms are startin’ ’em young…

Chris: “One black chick I was with for a while used to cook for me every now and then but she’s the only one who ever did and that was the reason I stayed with her. She was a fuckin’ bitch but the bitch could burn in the kitchen. But other than her, no. Black girls don’t treat me anywhere nearly as good as wiggettes do.”

Me: “So black women treated you like shit then?”

Chris: “I wouldn’t go that far. Most black women treated me decently because they knew that if they didn’t I’d be the fuck up outta there. But they don’t normally go the extra mile like white girls who act black do. They (wiggettes) just treat you better than black chicks, man. I ain’t sayin’ black girls treat all men like shit but white girls who act like black girls definitely treat men better. That I can definitively say for sure.”

Me: “Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions man, I really appreciate it.”

Chris: “No worries bro. Next round’s on you when you come back down here!” :::laughs:::

Me: “Ha ha…you got it man.”


Well there you have it. I think it’s safe to say that messing with white girls who act black is the same as fuckin’ with regular white girls. It would appear that everything they do to try to act this way is simply an act and as soon as you get her away from black girls, she goes back to actin’ like a white girl.

I can’t say I’m surprised, but I can’t say I’m not.

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