What’s Stopping Brothers From Repatriating To Africa?

Black Men Need A Good Reason To Visit Anywhere They Go

When a black man first gets his passport and now has the freedom to travel across the globe there are many places that he can choose to go. Should he go to South East Asia and visit the jungles of Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc. Should he check out the many islands in the Caribbean like Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti & Dominican Republic), Barbados, Bahamas, etc. Should he travel south of the equator and discover Brazil, Colombia, Peru, or Argentina? Or should he visit the second largest continent in the world by land mass and by people, Africa. Africa has 54 countries and 1.3 billion people, however, many brothers not only never consider visiting Africa, but they never consider repatriating to Africa. There are many reasons for this decision. Some of the most common causes for concern about traveling to Africa that I have heard from most brothers is that it’s too far from the United States. The flight time from JFK Airport in NYC to ACC in Accra, Ghana is 10 hours. It’s an even longer flight time if you are going to a country in east Africa. Another issue that many brothers express is the cost of a flight from many airports in the United States to the continent of Africa. Depending on the time of the year the cheapest you will probably be able to find a flight for is no less than $550 USD. Which is very cheap compared to what the average flight costs, which is around $1100. However, a flight from MIA Airport in Miami, Florida to SDQ Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic can be had for less than $100 and the plane ride is around 2 hours max. This seems much more appealing to the average traveling brother. Additionally, one major concern that many men have when it comes to traveling is the women who will be in the country they desire to visit. Many brothers have expressed that they won’t visit a place if the women aren’t to their liking. Now, obviously this comes down to preference, however, there are plenty of pictures and videos on the internet about Caribbean and Latin women, but not as much about women on the continent of Africa.

There Is Not Enough Easily Accessible Information About Africa

I believe that a lack of information is what keeps most brothers away from visiting or repatriating to the continent of Africa. Basic information such as cost of living would let many aspiring brothers know much money they would need to survive there. Are there jobs available for them should they desire to move. What kind of activities can they get into when they arrive in the country of their choice? Will there be nightclubs, cigar lounges, bars, quality restaurants etc.? If information like this is hard to come by then it makes it even that much more difficult to get brothers to start visiting the continent. Unfortunately, many people still believe that all of Africa looks like the pictures that they saw in National Geographic magazine back in the day. Pictures of starving children, sickly animals, and war-torn villages still come to most people’s mind when you mention Africa. However, there are so many advanced and bustling cities located in many countries in Africa. Countries such as Tanzania, Tunisia, Kenya, and Rwanda all have advanced cities with complex infrastructure and luxury amenities. Africa is also home to beautiful shorelines on both coasts. Malawi has amazing beaches, Seychelles has beautiful water, and Mozambique has an amazing coastline. Yet, most brothers would never know this because the information isn’t presented to them in an appealing way. No one wants to visit, or repatriate to a place where they believe will be lower in quality than where they came from. And for many black traveling brothers, the fact that their ancestors are from Africa is not enough of a reason to make then travel “back home.”

How To Get Brothers To Visit And Repatriate To Africa

So, what can be done to get more brothers to not only visit Africa, but repatriate to Africa? First, there needs to be easily accessible information for those looking to visit. If you look up information on visiting Mexico, or the Dominican Republic, or Brazil there are tons of videos on YouTube about these countries. There needs to be the same, if not more, videos about the many countries in Africa. Secondly, there needs to already be a large amount of brothers who have either visited the desired country, or who currently live there. As I have stated in other articles. No one wants to be the very first person to step foot on land. If brothers see people who look like them enjoying their life then they are more inclined to visit. Lastly, brothers need to know that they will be safe. From food safety, to street violence. Brothers need to know that when they eat a meal they will not get sick, or when they walk down the street no one will bash them over the head for their wallet. Once the basic informational questions are answered then the easy part such as booking a plane ticket can happen.  The vastness of Africa is a marvel that the world is still exploring. Therefore, make sure that you consider at least visiting the continent one time during your travel explorations. I plan to visit Africa later this year for the very first time. I know it will be an incredible experience. 

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