When a Woman Chooses a Man for Money

Since time immemorial women have mated with a man based on his resources.  Starting with the man who brought the biggest kill from the hunt to the man with the largest bank account and investment portfolio women have gravitated towards the man with the most material things.   Indeed some scholars have even studied this phenomenon and concluded that this was a natural part of a woman’s makeup.   Maybe, maybe not.   We know it happens.  Men have thus adapted.

When it comes to getting women men learn that money isn’t everything but in many cases it’s up there with oxygen.   That being said a man has to be careful if he thinks the reason this beautiful woman wants him is his money.   A man needs to be very careful for several reasons.

First of all many women are acculturated prostitutes.   Acculturated prostitution is a socially accepted form of prostitution.   A woman practicing this form of prostitution may not ask a man for money up front in exchange for sexual services.   Indeed the true acculturated prostitute may become offended if the man even suggests such an arrangement.   The acculturated prostitute will get money from a man indirectly.

A woman may sleep with a man if he buys her gifts or take her to an expensive restaurant.  Another woman may allow a supervisor to feel her up on the job as long he reciprocates with a positive performance review which leads to a significant raise.   The more known ones are called gold diggers and they will marry a rich man because of his money and status.   All of these lead to one big problem.   The man never knows if the woman really wants him or she wants his money.

To me it’s funny that so many men think that if they get money they can get beautiful women.   Yes they will attract beautiful women but are they really getting the women.   Sexually is the woman really into the man.   More likely she is playing a role.   The smarter ones will scream and moan on cue as if the man is the greatest lover in the world.   Others may just lay there and let the man do his business.   In some cases the man may not care because he sees her as a trophy to be shown off to other men.

Another issue with the sex thing is that many women will get a man with money to parade around with in public.   In private she will have an affair with the gardener or some other low income man.  She won’t require that man to bring wealth to the table.   The money man will be financing the woman’s public life while some worker is making her holler.

At some level the man has to know that he is with a woman that he really can’t trust.   This is a woman who probably showed interest in him after she found out his financial worth or knew how much his Rolex cost.   In the back of the man’s mind he has to wonder what if she thought he had a modest income.   Some men even test women like this by dressing down and driving modest cars.  The man has to be concerned that this woman may leave when she encounters a man with more money.

The bottom line is that men have to keep things in perspective when they acquire money.   Most men want to make money.   Men need to get paid for being good at what they do in life.   The key is for men is to be mindful that money has to be kept in perspective when dealing with women.   If a man wants to use money to get women that’s on him.   As long as he is mindful of the consequences.

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