Who Shot Ya?

America's Poster Child of an Unequal Justice System

Mohamed Noor Convicted for an Officer Involved Shooting

Now we all knew that this day would eventually come. An on-duty police officer convicted of shooting an unarmed citizen but not without the expected twist: this time, the cop’s a Black man found guilty of killing a white woman, of course, making him the American poster child of an unequal justice system.

Subsquently, the Judge, Kathryn Quaintance, sentenced Former Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor, a Somali-American Native, to 12 years in prison for the manslaughter death of Justine Ruszczyk, an Australian citizen, whom initally called 911 for an alleged rape outside nearby her home. Sounds like justice was righteously served, right?

Who Shot Ya?

The white collective asked. A Black man, that’s who.

See, the once hypothetical scenario of “What if it were a Black police officer who shot a white person, then what?” has become a harsh reality that we Black people of these United States, for the most part, have just about become totally desensitized to. Following the script of every other law enforcement officer on trial for the use of deadly force, “I feared for my life,” Noor testified in court that he was protecting his partner from a sudden knock on the passenger side of their parked police cruiser.

Did he receive the same usual Blue Lives Matter treatment? Hell no!

All that the state prosecutor, jury and judge saw was a brown face with roots from an East African country, whom pulled the trigger on one of their own, a Caucasion female. All they saw was the enemy, and ensured to punish him to the fullest extent of the law.

But white cops do it too. Right?

Never mind that scores of white police officers have been killing unarmed Black folks for years, resulting in a two-week paid vacation, aka administrative leave. They have faith in this justice system to exonerate them without fear of being convicted, and it hasn’t failed them yet.

This is supposed to be justice?

From Stephon Clark to Michael Brown to Amy Hughes, white police officers continue to be released back to duty after being investigated for the suspected unjustified shootings. Even when it’s caught on video, cops of all hues firing their weapons several times into the backs of unarmed Blacks, somehow, their veracity is never doubted by neither the courts nor social media.

It’s always “But we don’t know what was in their mind (the white police officer).” Why won’t those same empathetic voices sing the same song for this case?

We know why. Don’t we?

Conversely, though, the so-called blind justice system apparently has one good eye peeking beneath that virtural blindfold whenever it’s a face of color wearing that same badge. It’s blantantly in your face for the entire world to see.

When will the scales finally balance? How many more have to be sacraficed in blood, before we all receive fair and equal justice?

The same justice that the majority of America takes for granted, has been the same that has allowed the ph*ckery of this double standard to go on. Well, we’ve got news for you: we’re done waiting for equal justice to arrive, because apparently, we’re not due the same humane treatment the majority receive.

Who’s tired of marching in the streets, protesting with hand-written signs? How many are fed up, tired of the bullsh*t, quietly praying for something that obviously requires, hell, demands some reciprocation?

But We Won’t Do Jack

Nope. We won’t bust a grape, in fear of jeapordizing our way of life, our normal day to day inactivities of insulting one another on Google Hangout panels for hours and hours.

Oh, sure, we’ll type a few posts on our favorite social media outlets, even write numerous articles, and broadcast a ton of angry against so-called white supremacy YouTube videos and podcasts but that’ll be about it.

Yep, spent like a quick nut, most of us in the “community” will fall back fast asleep into our routine. Now back to the regular sh*t, right?

There’s too much mindless ph*ckery to talk about that I won’t go into. Y’all already know what I’m talking about.

Meanwhile, I’ll do more than just vent here in this Red Pilled forum. God willing, with some patience and self-discipline, I’ll be about it.

Who’s with me?

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