Why Black America has a Victim Mentality

In a previous article I wrote that Black men must seek power.   The thing is Black men in general, and Black America in particular does seek power.  The power of the victim.   The strategy of the Black Misleadership Class has been to beg those who have and exercise real power for concessions.   Something happens in Black America, what do we do?  We march in the streets.  We have town hall meetings.  Members of the Black Misleadership Class will have the spokespeople make the Sunday morning talk shows rounds to pontificate on our collective grievances.   Maybe it’s me but things are not looking any better.  Indeed things have got worse for Black America in the last 40 years since the “victory” of the civil rights movement.

Here’s my issue with the victim mentality that Black America has in general: it hasn’t worked.   Collectively we keep doing the same things over and over.   Apparently these things haven’t worked or I would be writing an article about how money is circulating in the Black community 57 times and how many Fortune 500 companies are Black-owned.   Yet the Black community clings to the victim mindset.   The question is why?   The answer is simple.  Too much money is made from victim mentality.

I made an observation back in nineties concerning what I called the Civil Right Industry.   Too many people make money off of it.   Just in federal and state governments alone you have several agencies dedicated to enforcing civil rights laws and investigating possible violations.  You have judges, attorneys, investigators, clerks, and legal assistants.  To make it real interesting consider the food places and other stores next to the buildings housing these civil rights enforcers.   Many folks make money.   Now let’s look at who’s making off the victim mindset of Black America.

Although the Civil Rights industry covers the rights of all people in one form or another, the base of this industry is Black people.  Racial discrimination is the primary civil right investigated in one form or another.    The act of denying a person a meal at a restaurant will help an attorney make his Mercedes payment and keep his side chick happy.    The main folks benefitting, however, are, you guessed it, a great many members of the Black Misleadership Class.  The primary culprits are spokespeople, primarily self-appointed, who claim to speak for millions of Black men and women.   Now I have some real issues with these spokespeople.  Let me count the ways.

First of all, in most cases nobody got together and appointed these folks as leaders.   Often many men and some women will develop a following on social media and use that platform to “speak for the people.”   The people didn’t appoint them though and quite frankly most of these spokespeople are not accountable to the same people they claim to represent.   Another issue I have is that these spokespeople seem to spend an inordinate amount time appealing for funding for dubious, ill-defined projects that will supposedly benefit the people.   For real though, the only group that will benefit from the funding other than the speakers is the owners of the banking institutions where money is being deposited.

Oh and the Mercedes dealership.   Maybe a conscious stripper or two.

The main issue as I mentioned earlier is that whatever is proposed by these spokespeople has not worked.   That the trick though.   It’s not supposed to work.   If any “plans” or “solutions” were to work then the spokespeople will be put out of business.

Stop and think about it.

When I made my observations about the Civil Rights industry in the nineties I wondered what would happen if everybody magically had their rights respected.   There wouldn’t be a need for the industry and thus many people would be out of work.   Same thing with the victim mentality of Black America.   Many Black spokespeople, politicians, attorneys, and activists make their money from Black America thinking like victims.   Oh yes activists too.  Low key many are funded by billion dollar corporations.   Back in the nineties when SUVs first started to become popular I remember a well-known Black nationalist was one of the first people I saw driving one.   Where he get his money from?

As long as there are men and women making big money Black America will continue to maintain a victim mindset.   No one wants to kill their meal ticket.

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