Why Black Men Shame Other Black Men For Traveling Overseas?

It Begins With Jealousy

What is jealousy? What is envy? What is hate? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word jealous as “hostile toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage.” I can’t think of a more perfect definition. Many of the men spewing hateful rhetoric online about black men who travel fit into this parameter. They are jealous of traveling black men because traveling black men enjoy an advantage and they don’t. There will always be jealousy in the world because there will be people who have and do not have. Maybe if everything and everyone in the world was perfectly equally in all attributes and characteristics then there would be no jealousy, but that is not the case, nor will it ever be. You might ask, how do I know they are jealous of traveling black men? It’s very easy to tell if a person is jealous of you based on their tone and body language. It’s not necessarily what they say, it’s how they say it. For example, when you graduate from college, some people will say “Congratulations on getting your Degree, great job!” And then another person might say “ I see you got your lil’ degree, that’s wassup!” Notice the second person tried to diminish the significance of your accomplishment by calling it little. That’s a sign of envy, and they may not even know it, it may be done subconsciously for them. It’s the little cues that you learn to pick up on over time.

“Anyone Can Get A Passport!”

Now when it comes to brothers who shame other brothers for traveling this is amplified. The hate is not covert, or subconscious. It’s overt and very conscious. What many of the haters do is diminish the significance of a passport. They make it seem like it’s something that anyone can get at anytime for any reason. And I ask this question, if it’s something that anyone can get then why do many of them who spew the hate not have one? It could be because of a number of reasons. Back child support, tax debt, arrest warrants, etc. The fact of the matter is that they don’t have one. And therefore they are stuck in the Matrix. And when they see black men who are enjoying their life abroad it bothers them and causes them to hate the brother who is living his best life. And that is the part that I will never understand. How can another man’s happiness bring you envy? The happy brother in the Philippines, or Thailand, or Kenya, or Colombia, or Brazil, or the Dominican Republic has no idea that the hater exists as a human being, but the hater stalks his every move. The traveling brother may post a YouTube video showing his travel journeys, while the hater posts a YouTube video disparaging him. Misery breeds more misery and loves company. Many content creators who are black men have made videos condemning the actions of traveling black men who are thousands of miles away from them separated by land and sea. They don’t like the fact that these black men are traveling to specific countries for their own internal reasons, which they have no obligation to share with you.

The Forbidden Countries For Black Men

This is why I always say that black men should keep their travel plans very secret. As soon as you start to brag about your travels on social media other black men who look just like you will start to condemn you for it, especially if you are going to the three “forbidden” countries. What are the three “forbidden” countries? These countries are Colombia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. If you are a black man you are not allowed to go to any of these countries. This is because they automatically assume that you are traveling to these countries as a sex tourist. Meaning that you are not going for the food, culture, and way of life, you are going specifically for the women. They view you as a predator because you are traveling to these countries to partake in prostitution, which is legal in all three of the aforementioned countries. They will claim that you cannot get women in the United States because you have no “game” or no “mouth piece.” And again, I am baffled because regardless of whether or not this is true, I simply don’t understand how it affects the brother who is hating. Wouldn’t that mean that there are more women in America for them to use their game on? They would have less competition right? Isn’t this a good thing for them?

Ignore The Hate And Book Your Ticket

So, why do they hate on the men who travel overseas for women? They are not breaking any laws. I never make it a point to argue morality in my articles because it is completely subjective. People will find a way to rationalize in their mind whatever they want to do so that they have a clear conscience at night. I simply state legality. If it is legal then what is the issue? The issue that non-traveling black men have is that they would like to be in the place of the traveling brother. Who wouldn’t want to be on the beach drinking coconuts surrounded by beautiful women with relaxing music playing in the background? Who honestly wants to be in a cold city center surrounded by police sirens and gun violence, but that is exactly where many of the non traveling brothers are located. They are in huge cities, with no beaches, harsh weather, and they don’t have the option to travel outside of their own country for whatever reason. My message to the brother who desires to see the world is just to go. If you have your passport be sure to use it. Get out and travel because tomorrow is not promised. Go and realize that your destiny does not have to end in the neighborhood where you were raised. It does not matter the reason you travel only that you do. Get out of the matrix and discover what the world has to offer you. Ignore what the envious have to say because their words are not valid now, nor will they ever be.

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