Why Black Men Should Stop Getting Married

I want to say it again that men should stop getting married. There is no gain in marriage for men. It only pays for women. For me, marriage is simply not an option. I know many of you have a Disney fantasy of finding the perfect girlfriend and getting married to her. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a female companion, you can’t go any farther than having a girlfriend. Getting legally married is simply too risky for men. You want to have your own children? You can do that without getting married, it has been happening ever since sex was invented.


You can have a girlfriend without getting married. If she gives you an ultimatum, then you can dump her ass and get another one. Women can be changed the way you change your clothes. If you are tired of wearing one, dump it and get another. It is that simple. Why should you wear one cloth for the rest of your life? If you are a man who is trying to be successful in life, you can’t get married, period. Don’t sign a contract that can fuck you over when the reward is little to none. Marriage has a way of limiting you. A married man has less freedom.


In marriage, you can’t do what you want when you want. Your chances of greatness are also slim, because you can’t stretch yourself without someone complaining of being abandoned. You’re tied down forever. Like a goat! If you are a man, getting married may devastate you financially. So why consider getting married? If you stay married and don’t get divorced, nothing happens. If you get divorced, you will likely lose half of your net worth, and will continue to pay alimony and child support if you have children. This will totally crush you.


The only men who can afford divorce are multi-millionaires. You will never financially recover from a divorce, unless you are young and have little to offer when it happens. This usually isn’t the case for most men. Divorce will financially devastate you. Whether you are a young guy trying to build wealth or an older guy who has already started to build some. If you are on the path to be a man in a world full of defeated males, don’t get married. I repeat, don’t get married. You’ll lose at the end. Not only is the financial devastation, but you will be emotionally devastated as well.


Imagine the woman you once loved, taking all of your assets. Getting fucked from behind by other men in the house you are making payments on. In the bed you bought because she liked how comfortable it was. Yes, that is tough on your wallet. But that is even tougher emotionally. Even if you don’t find out about your ex-wife fucking the town, you are going to be heartbroken from the divorce. Especially if you two were together for a long time. Getting over a break up can be brutal, but divorce is another story. You have to deal with the emotional turmoil of a likely long relationship.


A married man has less freedom. You won’t be able to go out with your friends like you used to. You can’t do what you want, when you want. You are tied down. Forever. Even if you have a lot of your freedom at first, that will slowly and surely erode. Getting married is like a relationship but with the threat of taking half your wealth instead of just a broken heart. Which means your balls are as good as gone, and freedom is only something you dream about. You know what? Getting married is going to give you false security. False security that you belong to each other forever.


This will lead to letting yourselves go and a lack of motivation to keep the relationship alive. The false security is a lie. You won’t be each other’s forever. Eventually, you will get divorced or one of you will die. A marriage can’t last forever because people don’t live together forever. The false security that because you are married you are all good or can take it easy are wrong. Life is now on hard mode for you. As a man, getting married means you have a fifty percent chance of losing your wealth. You also have a fifty percent chance to get one vagina for the rest of your life. The same one, forever.


As men, we have instincts to go out there and spread our seed. We like to explore. Getting married means we are sacrificing this natural desire to make the marriage work. No more going out and sleeping with beautiful women. Now, I’m not saying you should get married and cheat on your wife or have an open relationship. Cheating will make you paranoid and open relationships are stupid as fuck. That means she is fucking the town while you deal with her bullshit. Keep in mind that if things work out, you are signing up for fucking no more new girls.


And, apart from all these things that I have mentioned, why do you think men in Africa, especially, die most times before their wives? A husband in Africa in most cases is under intense tension because he is responsible for: children school fees, house rents, electricity bills, medical bills, generator fuel and repairs, car fuel and repairs, feeding of family, clothes for children and other things. This is what I will tell you. Try and make enough money. Enjoy yourself. Get yourself enough women that you can play with and even fuck. But, please, never commit to any of them. Commitment will screw you up. You can spend your money on food and drinks and even travel the world. But, investing your money on a woman by getting married to her is an unprofitable business.

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