Why Did She Move On So Fast?

What you have to understand is that women fall in love over time and it is the same process for falling out love. The more you fuck up in a relationship the more your woman will test you. Have you ever heard a woman complain about something that happened months to a year ago? This is a woman’s way of letting you know that you are making her feel the same way she felt in the past. Never get caught up in defending yourself in the present moment. Just know that your woman doesn’t feel loved or understood.

When your woman is down it is your job to lift her up.

Most men have no idea as to what they are doing to lower their woman’s Attraction Level. Men are usually caught off guard when their woman tells them “I think we need a break”, “I don’t know what I want”, “I don’t know what I want”, “I’m confused” etc.

Many men, including myself, can become complacent in a long-term relationship. You stop doing the things you did to make her fall in love with you in the first place. This happens to all of us, including women. What you have to understand is that the romance never ends. You can not allow your relationship to be boring, dull, and predictable. A woman needs romance, mystery, and excitement.

Why Do Women Move On So Fast?

You Over Pursued

When a man starts to over pursue and contact a woman too much he is communicating that he is insecure, weak, and unworthy. This causes her to feel unsure about the relationship and back away to seek clarity. When you notice that a woman is starting to back off and become flakey the best medicine is to cut contact and to wait to hear from her. The quickest way to get someone’s attention is to remove yours. If she still likes you, she will make an effort to make you feel valued and wanted. Only try to keep people in your life who try to keep you in theirs.

When you can feel the distance growing in your relationship you may believe that there is something wrong with YOU and you NEED to do something to fix the relationship. Believe it or not, your actions will actually push her even further away, and eventually, she will avoid you and lose all respect for you. Many men chase women to the point of no return. Remember, if she doesn’t respect you she can never love you. Why do so many men chase women out of their life? There are two reasons, the first is Social Conditioning. The second is a lack of Self-Value.

Social Conditioning

Modern-day television teaches men that if they want to win a woman’s heart than they must pursue, pursue, PURSUE. Innately, chasing women is feminine and submissive. Men and woman have been conditioned to believe that a man is only interested in you if he pursues you relentlessly. Women will tell you that they want a man to wine and dine them and buy them flowers. If you asked women about the last guy they were crazy about, you will find out that he did none of those things. The truth is that it is in a woman’s nature to chase men. It is scientifically proven that women are attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

Lack of Self-Value

Subconsciously, you do not believe in your own self-value. Because of this when you meet a woman you are attracted to, you believe that you have to go above and beyond to keep her. You began to over pursue, meaning you over text and you are always available. What you have to remember is that scarcity creates value. Being unpredictable and challenging causes women to be more interested you, value you, respect you, and chase you.

Most men try so hard in the beginning of the relationship that they literally chase women away. They are doing way too much too soon. Men who are in this position should take measured steps to prevent over pursuing. Try setting one date per week. Once a woman feels safe and comfortable she will begin sending you text messages and chasing you. Women need time to wonder about you and to get their feelings ready for a relationship. When you fail to give a woman time and space you will get the let’s just be friends speech.

You Stopped Courting  Her Properly

Many men, who are in long-term relationships, take their relationship for granted. Your busy pursuing your life’s mission and you forget to take your woman out on dates. When you are living together, and sex is easy, days can become predictable and routine. This causes the relationship to become boring.

Your Replacement

Only a person who is insecure, lacks integrity, and cannot be alone will attempt to look for a replacement before ending the relationship. Before your she leaves you for someone else she will, often time, try to fix the relationship. She may tell you that she feels like the two of you are not spending enough time together. This is a woman’s way of telling you that she wants you to plan a date. Well, why doesn’t she just say that? Remember, women communicate emotionally not rationally. In her mind she is thinking, if he loves me he will figure it out. Personally, I’m not the most romantic person myself. It is easy to get caught up in pursuing your goals but you can’t take your relationship for granted. A woman admires and respects a man for having purpose in his life. This actually makes you more attractive. Women also need passion and excitement in the relationship. When a woman has passion and excitement she knows she is loved.

When an emotional connection is missing in the relationship your woman will seek an emotional connection elsewhere.

Before you know it, she is talking to a guy from work or school. Not only does this guy listen, he is attractive too. Because the two of them work together, they have something in common. She thinks, Tom understands so much more than my boyfriend does. This is where an emotional connection born. One night they are working late and Tom suggests that the two of them get drinks. They go from the bar, to the hotel, and in the blink of an eye, you have been replaced.


What you did to get her, you have to do to keep her. Meaning, that if you spent an hour or longer on the phone to get her, you have to spend an hour or longer on the phone to keep her (Check out Dating Games Women Play). If you took her on expensive dates to get her, you have to take her on expensive dates to keep her. If you flew her around the world to get her, you have to fly her around the world to get her. In the beginning of the relationship, you set the tempo. You are letting her know what it is like to be in a relationship with you. Once you stop doing the things you did at the beginning of the relationship she will feel like she isn’t loved and that you are taking her for granted.

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