Why do white female sports pundits hate confident Black Professional Athletes that don’t worship them?

It’s common knowledge in these parts that even though white girls make better wives and girlfriends than sisters (read: American Black Women), their entitlement complexes are ten times the size of their African American counterparts and for good reason. The entire Western Hemisphere and maybe beyond worships white women with the reverence of a thousand Pope’s so it stands to reason that they expect the best of everything all the time, “or else.”

Obviously, rock solid game, iron clad frame, and balls of steel will tame even the most bratty white chick these days but there’s one profession where not even the most crimson of red pill aware men can quell the bionic entitlement monkey of our fair skinned semen receptacles and that’s white girl sports pundit.

The infiltration of women in sports has reached critical mass what with women being on any and every sports show, broadcast, and medium there is. ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza estrogenizes their baseball coverage, Cassidy Hubbarth is always front and center on NBA sidelines, and Pam Ward brings up the rear as a female football play by play announcer. There are many, many other examples of women infecting male sports on every level but you get the idea.

One level up from there are women who are paid to give their opinions on sports and the white girls make no bones about the fact that they positively loathe black male athletes who don’t pander to women…them personally, or in general. Let’s take a look at the 3 biggest offenders this side of third base.

Sarah Spain

Her thick neck and mannish jaw is the feminist boiler plate

Sarah Spain is the most irritating, bitchy, mannish female on television and given that she lives in a world that includes the likes of Rachel Maddow and Kate Fagan who, if not for their names, you’d have no idea they were women, tells you all you need to know about this banshee of this wannabe ball-buster.

This chick literally does nothing but talk shit about men under the guise of “sports analyst,” and has multiple platforms with which to do it on. Her #1 target is none other than Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who seems to have her constant attention for 2 reasons: #1) He’s been convicted of domestic violence which, in Spain’s world, merits a life sentence in a maximum security penitentiary, and #2) He’s a mega rich Black athlete who doesn’t care about the feelings of women (nor should he).

Ahead of the Mayweather Paquiao fight she famously said “I don’t care what he does, I just don’t think he should be fighting anymore.” Basically saying that any man accused of a crime against a woman shouldn’t be allowed to make money the best way he knows how.

Her deep, raspy, party voice gives her away as the cunt she is in real life. And the fact that she hates men like Floyd Mayweather, and LaVar Ball only solidifies her as another white woman who “hates” black men because they’re not lining up around the block to lick her pussy.

Michelle Beadle

The look of a woman who’s been ran through

If ever there was a live definition of the fabled The Thousand Cock Stare, Michelle Beadle is it. Her glossy eyes, scorned face, and bimbo blonde hair is proof enough that this chick’s swallowed enough loads to populate a small country.

As the host of ESPNs Sports Nation and NBA Countdown she’s consistently surrounded by black men who fall all over themselves because a half decent, albeit much older, white woman is paying attention to them! My guess is that she’s taken a shitload of black cocks in her day which explains her preferences for black male co-hosts.

At any rate, Beadle constantly hates on men like Floyd Mayweather and LaVar Ball for their machismo, brashness, and fearlessness of the feminine blowback for anything they may say or do in public or private. If she’s not talking about the “reprehensible human being” Floyd is for committing the egregious crime of putting his hands on a woman, she turns into a business expert and talks about Big Baller Brand’s “garbage kicks” on air when she’s going after Ball.

“But Donovan, why does she get along with her black male co-hosts if she hates black men?”

Easy…they pander to her. Any other black pro athlete that doesn’t catches her “wrath.”

Kristine Leahy

She’s hot, but she’s an airhead

To a lesser degree, Kristine Leahy is also a feminist. She’s not as militant as Beadle or Spain but don’t let her good looks and feminine nature fool you. This eye candy on FS1s The Herd  masquerading as a “reporter” is little more than something pretty to look at who can actually string a few sentences together fed to her by the production staff and make it look like these ideas come from her mind.

Leahy made national headlines when she got into an on air altercation with LaVar Ball on live TV when he told her to “stay in your lane” when she attempted to quiz him on the sales of BBBs first shoe, the Zo2s:

I gave my take on this that very night:

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not hating on a blonde 10 like Leahy for capitalizing on her looks and monetizing it to make a living. Hell, Derrick Jaxn, who has everyone fooled into thinking he worships black single mothers, does exactly the same thing. But attempting to pass this airhead off as an informed sports pundit is intellectually dishonest. She’s nothing more than a trophy for men to look at to get ratings for the much more talented Colin Cowherd.

What’s more, is that her rhetoric is laced with feminist excrement. She’s always injecting the feminist opinion into sports and that’s where she loses me. I don’t mind looking at pretty girls pretending to know what they’re talking about. Yes, it’s irritating, but I’ll tolerate it if she’s hot enough. But when she’s consistently bringing the feminist angle when there doesn’t need to be, I tune her out.

In the end…

…this, again, is typical white girl behavior. They get the world handed to them from birth and as soon as someone upsets the apple cart, they lose their shit. The best thing to do with these bitches is to ignore them but if you’re as big a sports fan as I am, that’s going to be difficult. On the other hand, I can always turn the sound down when they’re talking.

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