Why do women choose to be single?

You don’t need a study or statistics to know that most women are unmarried (black women in particular….the vast majority of those bitches are unmarried). But why does it seem that most women are opting out of marriage or long term relationships? Why do most women choose to be single? Here are 3 reasons why:

#1 – They think they have time

Back in the day a woman who was single was single for a reason. Maybe she had some sort of a disease, maybe word got out that she wasn’t a virgin meaning she had the scarlet letter of being a slut, maybe she couldn’t have children, whatever the case was a female who was unwed by the time she was in her early 20s and sometimes even younger was more or less looked down upon by the community.

Things are literally the opposite now. If a young woman gets engaged and let’s say she’s 20-22 years old, everyone’s confused as to why she’s getting married at such a young age. Her friends ask her things like “Why are you jumping into this” or they’ll ask “You’re still young, why don’t you wait and date around?”

Women who get married young, and by young I mean late teens early twenties….18, 19, 20, 21 years old, are the exception. Most girls wait until they’re in their late 20s early 30s before they even start thinking about settling down and the reason they do this is because in their minds, they have time……and they’re mostly right. They DO have time….but not in the way they think and here’s what I mean…

Most women will find a man who’s willing to wife her up when she starts losing her attractiveness. It doesn’t matter that she’s been a slut for a decade, it doesn’t matter that she can’t cook anything but hotdogs and tater tots, it doesn’t matter that she’s got a bitchy disposition and doesn’t respect men, if a woman is even half decent looking, she’ll find a man to commit to her.

But here’s the flaw in that plan: the men available to a woman who waits to get married aren’t the men who were available to her when she was younger and more attractive. The men who are still interested in her when she’s 35 aren’t the men she wants. When females are young and attractive they think the same quality of men will be around when she’s older which is mind boggling to me because they know that the older they get, the less attractive they become but for some reason every woman seems to think that they’re the exception to the rule meaning she’ll still be able to attract the same kind of men even though they see with their own two eyes what really happens….they see their sisters, their mothers, their friends, they see all the females around them who are unable to attract high value men when they get older but they think it won’t happen to them. It’s amazing that every woman thinks thinks this….it blows me away how ignorant bitches are.

So yes, they do have time….a man at some point WILL put a ring on it but the longer she waits, the lower the caliber of men who are willing to commit to the long term. These young girls out here wanna party, they wanna drink, they wanna go out, they wanna live that single life, they wanna fuck a bunch of guys, and hold out until the last possible minute before they start taking their futures with men more seriously and one day they wake up and look in the mirror and they have crows feet around their eyes….their tits aren’t as perky, their skin isn’t as tight, their asses are starting to sag, and all of a sudden they realize “Oh my God I’m 36 and I’m still single.” but by then it’s too late for them to get with a man they can respect and love because they waited too long. They wasted their prime fertile years bein’ hoes and didn’t realize that the men they were used to getting attention from wouldn’t pay ‘em any mind once they hit the wall.

#2 –  Marriage and motherhood are shamed

I did a show with Alan Roger Currie a while back and he said something that really stuck out to me and what he said was that most women don’t identify as feminists, but most women have feminist beliefs and he’s right.

I can’t tell you how many dates or meet ups I’ve had with girls who went out of their way that they weren’t looking to get married or start a family any time soon. It’s as though someone told them that’s what to say to a guy on a first date to get him to like you….it’s the craziest thing.

They sit there and they talk shit about how miserable it must be to be a stay at home mom or how they’d regret getting married and having kids young because they’d always wonder what else was out there for them.

Well listen guys, there’s no mystery as to why chicks these days are talkin’ like this and it’s because our culture shames marriage and motherhood. Now we could say that feminism is responsible for it and we’d be right but most females have bought into the idea of marriage and motherhood is borderline slavery and that getting married and having children is beneath them and that it’s degrading. Guys most women actually THINK this so they choose to be single rather than being what they characterized as a married slave forced to have a man’s children against her will and ruin her body.


#3 – The single life is glamorized

Girls wanna be single because it looks a lot more fun than being married, they’re right….being single is a LOT more fun than being married. They can come and go as they please, they can date whenever they want, fuck whoever they want, go wherever they want, no responsibilities, no one to have to answer to, the list goes on and on.

But what gets left out of the single life promotional video talking about how much fun it is, they always fail to mention that the single life isn’t a sustainable life style. Women who are perpetually single are only happy for the first few years but once they hit their mid to late 20s it stops being fun because by then they’ve been fucked by so many cocks they’ve lost the ability to actually love a man, the club and bar scene is old, and they get tired of feeling alone even though they’re sleeping with 3 guys.

Yes, the single life is fun for a while but the long term effects are irreversible. Even when they get married at some point down the line, and they wll guys, they’re not going to be fulfilled. They’ll be on antidepressants and anxiety medications because depression and anxiety are a side effect of being a slut.

No matter what women say they want, no matter what women think they want, they don’t want to be fuckin’ a bunch of dudes guys. They want to belong to one man and one man only. But when they see the single life glamorized as this awesome life that’s all the fun without any of the consequences, they’re gonna think they wanna be single.

One of the worst things feminism has one to women is made them think they want to do and be the opposite of what they’re designed to do and be. Women don’t wanna be single but feminism has convinced them that the single life is better than being in a committed relationship.  And its funny when you listen girls in their 20s who are good looking enough to be married to a high value male right now talking about how much they love being single and about how they couldn’t imagine being tied down, then listen to women in their mid 30s wonder where all the good men have gone. Fuckin’ hilarious.

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