Why Every Black Man Must Have A Passport

Having A Passport Is Mandatory For Black Men

If you are a black man living in the United States you must have a passport. It is no longer optional, it’s mandatory. For the black American man, owning a passport is just as important as owning a firearm. This might sound absurd, but in this article I will explain why I made this statement. In 1865, in the small town of Pulaski, Tennessee the Ku Klux Klan was formed. Many elected officials of the federal and local governments became members. For many years they held offices and positions, which had a direct impact on their constituents, some of which were black. Imagine attending a Klan rally Sunday night and then going to work on Monday morning where the laws you write, or enforce, have a direct impact on the black residents of your city, county, or state. Fast forward to 2021, and it does not appear that race relations are much better. The civil rights act, which was passed in 1964 did little to stem them prejudice and discrimination that blacks received in society. Sure, more blacks were able to attend predominantly white colleges, and get jobs traditionally reserved for white graduates, but that doesn’t mean that the sentiment about blacks has changed. All this proves is that diversity quotas have to be met to continue receiving public funding. You cannot legislate a change of heart. Even today things like housing discrimination and red-lining still exist. There are many YouTube videos that show a clear difference in treatment from a white family purchasing a house vs a black family purchasing a house. You must understand that a country which was founded without including black people as full people will never be able to rid itself of that history. You were brought to the North American continent by force, you did not come of your own volition. To consider someone as 3/5 a person is equating them to the level of an animal. Police injustice towards black men has not slowed down either, in fact it may be getting worse. The excuse that you will always hear the officer say is that “I was afraid for my life, that’s why I shot the unarmed black man.” Yet, if the role was reversed and a black man was afraid for his life and ran from the police officer it’s always “well he shouldn’t have been running, that’s why he was shot in the back several times.”


Black Men Deserve To Be Treated Equally And Fairly

If you, as a black man, don’t have a passport you are leaving your fate in the hands of a country that has shown time and time again that you can be easily discarded. From the Johns Hopkins Lead Paint experiments and Tuskegee Syphilis experiments on black people to black men fighting in world wars for a nation that would not even let them share a water fountain with a fellow white American who fought in the same war. Understand that you have been psychologically programmed to only think one way and understand one way of living. There are so many options for black men who desire to live outside of the United States, but if you listen to the  American media they would have you believe that every other country outside of the United States and Europe is a cesspool and you could be killed by locals as soon as you arrive. Well, I’m writing this article to help inform you that your passport gives you options far beyond your border. There are thriving and bustling cities all over the world where your race will either be a non-factor or even the norm. There are cities in countries in South America and the Caribbean where having a darker skin complexion is normal. No one will treat you poorly because of it. Of course, if you travel to many of the 54 countries in Africa you will blend in with the locals. You don’t have to live in a place where you are around people who don’t value you, or treat you poorly because of your race. You don’t have to live and work in a place where you have to work twice as hard for half of the results.


You Don’t Have To Be A Victim Of Your Environment

Racism and injustice is not the only reason that you need a passport as a black man. Some black men may live in predominantly black cities where being black is the majority, however, you are still a part of the Matrix. I will break down exactly what the matrix is and how it impacts your life in another article, but for now you should know that the same court systems that give you and your white counterparts different time for the same crime exist in every state and municipality in the United States. Many black men become victims and statistics to the cities they were born and raised in. I was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and to be 30 years old and have made it out of that city is nothing short of a miracle. Inner cities often become resting places for many black men. They never had a chance. They never had the opportunity to see what is beyond their borders before they are gunned downed, or imprisoned for gunning someone down. This is why it’s very rare for a black man to make it out of the hood. When I was in middle school, I remember the first time the guidance counselor came in and told us that a student was killed. I still remember it very vividly. They offered counseling for any students who may have had psychological trauma because of the incident. And then in high school it happened again. I was fortunate enough to graduate high school and go to a college outside of my city. However, within 2 years of graduating high school 3 of my classmates were gunned down. And in 13 years since graduating high school nothing has changed, unfortunately. It’s a sad situation that I don’t have the answer to fix.


A Passport Will Give You A New Lease On Life

Getting a passport will not prevent racism, or heinous acts of violence, but it gives you options. And when you have options you have freedom. Without options you are stuck in your situation, and depending on how bad it is it may drive you crazy and cause you to snap one day. This would put you in the same position as so many of your brothers before you who became statistics. Another reason why a passport is mandatory for black men is because it allows you to check out of the rat race. On my YouTube channel I made a video about the rat race and how to escape it. Escaping the rat race does not mean that you never have to work again it means that you escape the system of living to work. When you live to work your life revolves around your job. You have to get ready for work at night, wake up and go to work, get home and do it all over again. You are ecstatic on Friday at 5 pm and angry on Sunday at 9 pm. This is the rat race to a small extent. The rat race is deigned to make you a slave to your job/career. With the premise being that you need money to get that house you always wanted, to pay off your debt, and to live the life you are “supposed to live.” However, these are simply myths created by those who want you to remain enslaved in the system. Did you know that you can live an amazing life in many countries all over the world for 1/3 of what you pay in the United States? Currently, I live in Medellin, Colombia and prices in Medellin, Colombia for things like housing, food, internet, and electricity are 1/3 of what you would pay in the United States and it’s the same quality and in some cases better. Therefore, if you decide to visit, or move to a foreign country you don’t need to make as much money. In the United States you spend your life chasing the almighty dollar just to be able to enjoy your golden years when you are 65+ years old. Yet, have you ever considered that your golden years can start today. More and more black men are beginning to travel and explore the world. You can be one of them. Remember that you have just as much a right to travel as anyone else. So, apply for your passports and your local post officer and go explore the world.

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