Why feminism is good for Men

Feminism is THE worst thing to happen in the history Western Civilization. It’s worse than the civil war, it’s worse than slavery, it’s worse than 9/11. Feminism has quite literally destroyed heterosexual relationships between men and women, it’s destroyed the traditional nuclear family, and it’s destroyed both men and women. It’s that bad.

But there are a few ways that feminism actually benefits men. Now these things aren’t necessarily the foundation for true happiness but given the state of the sexual climate in the United States, these things actually work to our advantage as men so I’m gonna give you guys 3 reasons feminism is good for men.

#1- Easy sex

Girls are easier to fuck than ever because of feminism

This is probably the best thing that feminism has to offer men that we actually want. Feminism teaches women to be sexually open and promiscuous but it doesn’t tell them about the consequences of being a slut for an extended period of time. They don’t tell these girls going into college that joining a sorority and fucking every guy in a fraternity or getting a train ran on ‘em by the basketball team will damage them physically and psychologically before the age of 25. They don’t tell these chicks about the dangers STDs or unwanted pregnancies or abortions or the damage that prolonged birth control can do to their bodies. They don’t tell ‘em they’re gonna be on anti depressants before they’re 30 because they’ll be depressed and won’t know why….they don’t tell ‘em any of this stuff.

They tell these girls it’s not only good to fuck a bunch of dudes, they tell ‘em it’s the right thing to do. They tell ‘em it makes ‘em strong and independent. They tell ‘em that if they’re NOT sluts they’ll live with the regret of not having experienced life.

Well we know that’s bad advice so rather than trying to save these hoes, we fuck ‘em. And because girls are out here handing out pussy like it’s Halloween candy, we say “trick or treat bitches, now bend your ass over.”

Before I found the red pill I’d only fucked 18 girls to that point. But after I learned game it was easy to fuck a bunch of bitches but half the reason it’s easy to get laid these days is because of feminism.

Don’t get wrong guys, it does take a level of skill and strategy to fuck pretty girls on the regular. Yes, we get lucky every once in awhile but because it’s easy for girls to get dick, they can be a lot more selective so any man who can consistently sleep with good looking girls definitely knows what he’s doing.

But most of why even the hottest girls out there are easy to fuck is because of feminism. A hundred years ago the only men who were able to fuck a bunch of women were dudes who traveled around the world. Well now you don’t even have to leave your own city to rack up a double digit notch count. All you gotta do is swipe right on tinder and you’re up to your eye balls in pussy and it’s all thanks to feminism.

#2 -Women are more useful

Women can contribute financially because of feminism. But there’s a price to be paid…

In the past I’ve talked about the fact that the two most valuable assets a woman has is her youth and beauty. But feminism has allowed women to become a little more useful outside of those two elements. Women are more educated than they’ve ever been in history.

As a side note, an education doesn’t make a person intelligent or smart. I’m not saying a woman with a college degree is stupid but it doesn’t automatically make them smart either so any woman reading this save the “I have a degree so I’m intelligent” argument. I’ve fucked a scores of girls with degrees and most of them were weren’t any more intelligent than strippers or your everyday hoes working minimum wage jobs. I discussed this at length in Episode #311.

Anyway, women have a little more agency because of feminism. My girl for example is an internet marketing consultant, she knows how to code, she’s got multiple certifications as far as SEO, Google analytics, etc and she’s been doing this stuff her entire adult life. As a result, she’s very good at what she does and she’s a big reason my show’s been as successful as it’s been. 

Women today are able to do a lot more than they used to because of feminism. They’re able to go to school, learn skills and go out into the workforce and contribute. Now don’t get it twisted here. I’m not saying they’re great leaders because they’re not. Women suck at leading and they suck at being in charge. They’re not equipped to handle leadership so let’s not mistake what I’m saying here.

Further, most females in the workforce are fucking useless. Sure, they’ve got basic skills and can do basic office work like data entry but by and large females don’t bring anything to the table in a workplace other than drama and a #MeToo sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen.

But there are a few women out there who are very skilled and are assets to companies. Their numbers are small but they’re out there and feminism is what gave these women the opportunity to get the education necessary to learn these skills.

Now on the flip side, what’s been sacrificed are domestic skills. Women who are above average in terms of her overall value to a company because of her skill set are well below average as far as cooking and cleaning goes. There’s no such thing as a female who’s an expert graphic designer who can also cook like a Michelin star chef and press a dress shirt.

Yes, my girl is very good at what she does and yes she is a very good cook  she sucks at doing laundry and is unorganized. If anyone, man or woman is great at something, other areas are going to suffer. So while it’s great that some women out there can bring certain things to the table that can benefit you as a man, their domestic skills suffer.

The problem is that most women don’t have domestic skills or a marketable trade which is why most of them are useless to begin with but if you’re fortunate enough to get with a woman who has one or the other or a combination of the two, feminism is likely the reason.

#3-It gave birth to the Manosphere

Guys like myself, Roosh, Illimitable Man, Rollo Tomassi, Patrice O’Neal, Tom Leykis, don’t exist without feminism. Feminism has allowed men like myself to do what we love to do and make a decent living off of it.

The Manosphere’s changed lives. It definitely changed my life. It’s showed us how to live better lives, how to be more content as men, how to fuck pretty girls, and how to dominate life.

And the more feminists up the ante, the stronger the manosphere gets. We’ve evolved over the years and we’ve become the one source that men can count on for honest straight forward information on life. We don’t sugar coat shit, we tell it exactly like it is, and we hold ourselves accountable.

All feminism does is talk shit about men and what we need to do to appease them. We do the same thing but we also talk about ways we can improve ourselves to become more attractive to the women we wanna get with.

So if not for feminism, you guys would never know who I was. Granted, if feminism never existed I’d probably married with kids to a good looking woman but I don’t deal in hypotheticals or what ifs. I deal in reality and feminism’s the reason for that.

So even though feminism’s quite literally destroyed Western Civilization, it does have its advantages. All we can do is adjust, evolve, and enjoy the decline.

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