Why Industry Thots Like Brittany Renner Continue To Trap Athletes Like PJ Washington


They Are Caught In Her Web

How is a well known industry “thotiania” like Brittany Renner able to trap a rising NBA star like PJ Washington with a child? In this article we will get into the nitty gritty about why women who are famous for promiscuity continue to make athletes and entertainers alike fall prey to their will. Testosterone is one of the strongest hormones the endocrine system creates. Men and women have testosterone, but men produce it at a much higher rate. Testosterone is what can allow a man to deadlift hundreds of pounds off of the ground. It also is what will make men sleep with a publicly known industry thot without using protection and ejaculate in her. It’s what can make men go into a buring building to rescuse a child, but it’s alos what will make a man marry about women who has been pumped and dumped and passed around like a gatorade bottle during a NFL timeout. It can be a man’s savior, or his downfall. Brittany Renner understands men very well. She knows that men have a high sex drive and she understands that she is a sexy woman to many men. She uses that to her advantage time after time again. She even released a book about the high profile men that she has been able to pull.



She Desires To Conqure Men

Brittany Renner views being able to sleep with high profile men as a succcess because high profile men have to be very careful about the women they deal with to ensure they are not exposed. Especially if the men are married or in a public relationship. Well, too late for the men who chose to deal with Brittany Renner. She has made her escapades very publicly known. In her book, she claims to have slept with Drake, Colin Kapernick, Trey Songz, Tyga, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. How is she able to do this? It’s simple, she allures and entices men with her body and makes herself extremely available. By frequenting major cities where rappers will have concerts, or going to the arena where NBA games are being played she puts herself in a position to be had. We live in a hypersexualized culture compared to other parts of the world. For songs like WAP to even be allowed to play on public airwaves shows the culture of the United States. Countries like China ban movies if there is too much sexuality or violence. But in the United States it’s embraced and and even encouraged for women to be as open as sexually revealing as possible. With the rise of only fans, more and more women are getting into showing explicit images and videos of themselves for money. The money is quick and plentiful, but in turn they are forever known as an only fans model and their body is available for the world to see forever.



She Groomed Him Like  A Sheep For Slaughter

What makes PJ Washington especially dumb is that he decideded no only sleep with Brittany Renner, but also to ejaculate in her, giving her exactly what she wanted. Women like Brittany Renner, of which there are many, have the sole goal and objective to get paid for their looks and sexuality. Whether through alimony, or child support, they will find a rich, high profile man to take advantage of and exploit. Brittany Renner practically groomed and seduced PJ Washington, and while he does have to take full responsibility for knocking Brittany Renner up, she essentially made herself the apple that he could not resist. A young and impressionable NBA athlete, who wants to brag to his friends about being able to sleep with a famous insta-model, is 9 times out of 10 going to take that opportunity if offered. Now, it’s rumored that PJ Washington is having to pay $200,000 a month in child support, and he has been public about how he is not able to see his kid. Yet, all of this could have been avoided by simply not messing with women like Brittany Renner. Unfortunately, the young and dumb Hornets Star didn’t get the memo. Women like Brittany Renner, will continue to take advantage of easily persuadable athletes and entertainers because men will continue to allow their testosterone to control their actions. Their ego of bagging the hottest chick on Instagram means more to them than avoiding the child support system and divorce court. Brittany Renner was very public about her disdain for men and how she uses men to her advantage. A high profile industry thot should not be able even get close to a NBA athlete or famous entertainer. They should run the other way when they see women like her coming. Instead, they choose to run right into her web. Brittany Renner will no doubt be eyeing the next man of high status to take down. And she will easily be able to do it as long as she remains hot and men remain dumb.

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