Why The Fat Acceptance Movement Should End

Many movements start with a noble intention, yet often times they go awry and can venture down dark paths. The fat positive, or more commonly referred to as fat acceptance, movement is no different. In what started out as a noble cause to promote being body positive and self-love, has now culminated into a movement of obesity encouragement and shaming of anyone who promotes weight loss and fitness. This includes me, therefore, I am writing this article to give my opinion on the fat positive movement and why it must end.
Anyone who has ever been overweight, or obese knows the challenges that accompany such a physical state. Life’s simple tasks become unnecessarily difficult. You are, at times, treated worse in society by others; and I agree this should change. Often times, it can lead to a state of depression, which causes more eating, which leads to an even worse physical and mental state. When you struggle to tie your shoes, walk up and down a flight of stairs, bathe and relieve yourself, get into and out of cars, and squeeze into plane seats, movie seats, roller coasters, etc.; it is a problem.
Basic life functions do not depend on how you feel and they cannot be negotiated. I used to be obese. Anyone who has ever watched my YouTube videos (YouTube Channel: SPK Lifestyle) knows that I used to weigh 434 lbs in November of 2016. And since then have worked extremely hard to lose 216 lbs. I now weigh 218 pounds. It’s not the number on the scale that has made my journey most satisfying, it’s the fact that it is literally easier to live life. I can remember working at Amazon years back and the position I was in required me to be on my feet for the entirety of my 10 hour shift. I can remember coming home feeling like I’d been hit by a train. My ankles and feet were throbbing and swollen, my back ached with excruciating pain, and my knees felt like you were turning rusty screws into them. I even reached a point where I had to kneel on one knee for a portion of the day at work because I was in pain. My manager walked past and asked me if I was okay, and I said yes, even though I wasn’t.
I don’t tell you this story to illicit sympathy, or an emotional response, I’m simply telling you the reality of what I experienced. The one thing I know about obese people is that life is harder for them. No matter how comfortable they say they are, human physiology disagrees with them. Public embarrassment only makes it worse. Think about going to class and hoping that you can squeeze into the desk without anyone noticing and snickering. Incidents such as these happen all of the time. The fat positive movement has worked hard over the last few years to try and suspend reality.
Unfortunately, they have failed. Being overweight and obese is still linked to a whole host of health complications. It is still harder to function in life being overweight and obese. And despite the facade put on my many in fat positive movement, being overweight and obese still has a negative impact on your mental health.
One of my biggest (no pun intended) issues with many individuals in the fat positive movement is that they not only promote being overweight and obese, they shun those who are trying to better themselves and lose weight. Imagine starting your weight loss journey, and for the first time in life actually getting results, posting your results on social media to inspire and motivate others, only to have someone tell you how you hate yourself and how you should be ashamed for losing weight. If this sounds absolutely ridiculous it’s because it is.
Again, to be clear, we are supposed to accept fat positive people at all sizes, not comment on their inability to perform basic human tasks, and ignore all of the health related complications related to being overweight and obese; while they are allowed to shame us for getting fit, changing our diet, and living a healthier lifestyle? No, thanks. I refuse to partake in the silliness. I have no problem letting a person live their life. If you want to be 50, 100, 150, 200, or even 300 pounds overweight then by all means please do so. You will not hear me shame you, or disrespect you. However, when you start to attack me, and others like me for motivating and inspiring others to lose weight then I have a problem.
Here is my honest opinion on those in the fat positive movement. I think that many of them are miserable and suffer from depression. They hate the fact that they are overweight and obese, they want to change and be healthy, but it’s too hard for them to do. They may have tried in the past and failed, and now instead of trying again, they want other people to simply accept their self-inflicted condition and feel sympathy for them. Yet why would they want sympathy? This is because ultimately they want to be the victim. When you are the victim people feel sorry for you. You are treated specially in society, at work, by friends, and family. When you are the victim you get considerable breaks and privileges in life that others wouldn’t normally get. They enjoy this feeling and if it fattens (again, no pun intended) their pockets then even better. However, every victim has a perpetrator. So I ask, how can you be the victim when you are the perpetrator?
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