“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”-(Henry Kissinger October 28, 1973)

In his recent You Tube diatribe, Black Economist and Entrepreneur, Dr. Boyce Watkins took black comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish to task, for conduct unbecoming of a black woman. He critiqued her lascivious overtures toward powerful while male actors in Hollywood like: Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Dr. Watkins produced as evidence, a conversation recounted by Haddish with DiCaprio, where she explicitly propositioned him for sex. She admittedly cornered him and asked him if he would “let me hit that.” DiCaprio, for his part, immediately fell into the scene and feigned surprise. Haddish had just one string attached to her thotfest extravaganza: role play.

Apparently, she wanted to sexually play out DiCaprio’s character from the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Dr Watkins’ grievance was not premised on her sexual peccadilloes, but rather her gratuitous display of it on a global stage. It also appears that he was troubled by her feverishly pulsating desire for white cock worship. Watkins argued that her behavior validated the stereotype of the hyper-sexual thot (my word) prevalent inside of the American white male psyche. And he’s right!

But in all fairness, this discussion should be expanded past his critique of Haddish’s white cock fetish, into the causes that propel white men to be the embodiment of female sexual desire. Though the causes are many, they can be explained in one word: POWER!

The great black activist and social theoretician, Dr. Huey P. Newton, defined power as ” the ability to define phenomena, and make it act in a desired manner.” In the West in general, but in America in particular, it is painfully clear that this ability is exclusively within the province of white men. And if Kissinger’s quote atop this article is true, then the expression of white male power to black women is simply irresistible. This phenomena is subtly reinforced by the sudden appearance of Hollywood depictions of black female love interests to the white male superheros.

At the risk of rationalizing stereotypes, it is axiomatic to say that in economically deprived areas (like where Haddish comes from) sexual promiscuity is in abundant supply. Thus the saying: “The rich get richer, while the poor get children.”  So it stands to reason that the use of dire economic circumstances of women in poor, foreign countries provides an easy opportunity for sexual conquests. DUH! But what no one mentions is that when un-married women of foreign countries come here, their ideal penis has one color: pink(white).

It is obvious that European power sets the standards of beauty. It also defined the standards of masculinity. And as a result, it has a kind of twisted and insidious monopoly on both male and female ideas of sexual attraction. But because it is also obvious that he who holds the mic, spits the bars, it is common sense that white men would necessarily define themselves as the ultimate expression of sexual desire in film and television.

So is it any wonder why Tiffany Haddish has the fever for the flavor of a dingle? The late Martinque Revolutionary and Psychiatrist Frantz Fanon, who himself married and pro-created with a white woman, proposed that the oppressive culture of white domination fetishizes white society to black people. He reasoned that this fetish makes the idea of whiteness a taboo. A taboo, which in all of its’ temptations, extends all the way into the bedroom.

In both post colonial and modern America, white male domination enjoys a perverted schizophrenic relationship with Black America. It is both reviled and revered, rebuked and respected, demonized and lionized. If we are honest, we must conclude that it is an ever present apparition in our daily lives. Sadly, this is the case even when the face in power is black. Thus on a subconscious level, to many black women, white men take on a status akin to an omnipresent deity like this (SEE BELOW).

In the presence of an over 70% out of wedlock birthrate, and the absence of collective black male socio-economic power, regardless of the stereotype, in the minds of some black women, his (the white man’s) penis is better and more desirable. The black man is at best a temporary dildo. Or at worst, an annoying cuckold in comparison to the girth of white male power. To many black women ashamed of the low economic status of their race, and the present day decay of the black family, he (the white man) is a real man. His banks cashes her checks, his stores sell her groceries, she stunts in cars made by him, she stands in line at ungodly hours; and pays obscene sums of money for his shoes for her and her children.

If she is poor, his medicare system gives her a doctor. If she has no money for a home, his Section 8 gives her shelter. And if her children are troubled, his schools serve as an incubator of poor education until such time as they are ready for the assembly line into a penitentiary near you. She is constantly inundated with images of his power. He exists in magical land of whiteness where his collective social status is transferable to all the men of his race (even the lowest ones). Therefore, any white man who displays the merest pittance of authority can”get it.” Chad in IT, Oscar the garbage man, or Oliver the accountant, are all men to whom she will eagerly submit herself for penetration from the sacred white phallus. For only he, and he alone can tame the wild savage within her.

Take for example, the rapper Eve. When she was among the Ruff Ryders (a crew of black male emcees), she was “a pit bull in a skirt.” But her subsequent marriage to a white man and acquisition of a spot on Daytime TV, turned the pit bull into a poodle. Speaking on her marriage in an interview, she stated that he (her husband) was, in fact,  the only man who could “tamed her.” Such a comment is telling of the inner conversations that black women have in the privacy of their psyche about their latent desires for powerful white men. When viewed against this context, it is strikingly clear that Tiffany Haddish is hardly an anomaly. She is among a growing sisterhood of black women who have joined a miscegenous Cult of the White Scrotum known as Swirling.

It is a cult where blessings abound; a place where its’ disciples pray for a showering from above of the manna of white male semen to wash away the transgressions of their unfortunate life circumstances. A cult where an invisible Zeus will reward your unrelenting devotion to the pursuit of white men with your own white penis with which to produce khaki colored, curly haired children. A man so powerful and benevolent that he will wipe away all of your financial suffering in one stroke (literally). And finally, he will lead you out of the hood to a vast wonderland of opulence. An ethereal land of leisure where they are many Starbucks raining mocha frappuccinos. In short, white heaven. Of course I am being sardonic. But to the swirlers, this is deadly serious.

Tiffany Haddish’s predilections are normal. They are as normal as pennies in the folds of your couch. And she is not alone. She maybe the most infamous, but she is certainly not an aberration in working poor, or even middle class black communities. She intuitively understands that in America, whether it’s the rule or exception, white man equals POWER. It therefore follows that in a very primitive way, POWER = ACCESS TO SEX.  Thus, Haddish is as normal as any woman can be in a society of white male social order. And we all know how normal that is don’t we?

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