Why Women Love Men With Big Dicks

First, this is not in anyway meant to discourage any man with small or average penis but the truth is, every woman out there loves it thick and long. Experts and research over the years have shown that although women are being reserved about it, most of them can do anything to have a man with a big penis. Now, here are some of their reasons:



Lots of women would tell you that just mere looking at a man with huge penis turns them on. They find the sight appealing and desirable to them.
An erect big penis sexually excites a woman. Then, if given the chance to have a feel of it, you gonna have them coming back for more. I am speaking from experience. I have dated an older lady who confessed that she likes the size of my dick and that she will like us to be having sex everyday.


Like I said earlier, the sight of a thick and long dick alone is capable of making any woman wet. Now imagine an erect one.
There was a time I sent the picture of my dick to a WhatsApp group. Some ladies chatted me up inbox to know if it’s really mine. You won’t believe we ended up dating because of the big size of my dick. Most women would tell you that they would rather have a broke man with big penis than a rich one with a small one. Now that’s how much they love it big.


Naturally, the vagina expands with time when a woman’s sex life is regular and it takes a big and long penis to constantly give her the desired pleasure because a small or an average one might just go in and out without much pleasure since her vagina is not as tight as it used to.
Again, a big penis allows for deeper penetration, thereby giving the woman maximum pleasure.


Every man with big penis has a bedroom confidence and nothing makes a woman feels ready than a man who looks confident and ready to give her a mind blowing moment. I had travelled to have sex in the past. And anytime I pull off my clothes and the lady sees my dick, they will say ‘wow!’. That’s how much they like it. And that kind of positive feedback always increases my confidence. I always feel like a king anytime a woman wows at the sight of my dick.

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