Why You Must Avoid The Women Who Love Pookies And Ray Rays

That Ghetto Love

Have you ever seen a successful and attractive woman with a street thug, or ganbanger? This article will explain why women love thugs and bad boys, or what’s referred to in the Black Community as pookies and ray rays. It may seem strange to encounter a woman who appears to be intelligent, business savvy, ambitious, and maybe even educated only to find out that she dates the local drug dealer, or her child’s father is in prison serving time for an armed robbery charge. It’s actually delusional when you consider it, however, I have run into many women who are in these same conditions. It does not matter what level of education  they have, or what career they are in, they are dealing with a man who usually didn’t graduate high school, can barely read and write, has no grasp of the English language, and whose only job experience is fast food. Yet, women seem to fawn over these men. They always seek the man out and the man normally lives with them. They are willing to even risk their career to deal with a pookie and a ray ray, whose only career is criminal.


She Loves The Thug

Why is this? Well, it’s very simple. The women you see dealing with these men have been programmed from a very early age to have an affinity for the dope boy, or the street thug. They can’t get enough of them. These women grow up in rough areas across the United States and all they see are the dope boys with money and the normal men are usually broke and have nothing to offer them. The dope boy and gangbanger to them is brave and ambitious, loyal to his gang and will do anything to get what he wants. While the regular guy is going to school and pursuing his life ambitions the normal way. Even in high school there is a huge difference between these two types of men. The normal guy goes to class, maybe plays sports, doesn’t get into trouble with the law, and is preparing to go to college, or pursue a trade when he graduates. The pookie and ray ray rarely show up to class, if ever, they are always on the block selling drugs, and they usually are in a gang, which gives them credit in school. The women in these high schools almost always end up falling for the thugs because they are rarely at school, which creates a mystery in her mind as to where he might be and what he may be doing. And when the thug does show up at school, he is usually wearing the latest tennis shoes, and a new outfit, and he may even have a luxury car that he drives. The women are smitten and chase the proverbial “bad boy” while the normal guys, who are unable to compete, are left to their studies. They do not see anything in the normal guy that would turn them on because he is just that, normal. And to women, normal is not exciting enough and does not give her a tingly feeling in her tummy like the gangbanger does. This programming that is done in the early years of a girl’s life is left ingrained in her mind forever. Subconsciously, they need to have the pookie and ray ray in their life, even if they are married to a professional man who has a career and education. They will find the professional man to just be unable to live up to the men she desired in her childhood. Even as the woman gains an education, or levels up in her own professional career, she will look at the men in her life and feel like something is missing. This is why you will have women in the business world who have professional degrees dealing with men who have no job and play video games all day. These men will even live with the women in their homes and while they are at work, will be so bold as to bring another woman inside of the residence. The thug is easily able to procreate with the educated woman because he is able to turn her on in a way that her colleagues and coworkers cannot.


A Hood Family

Therefore, he has her mind and he has her wrapped around his finger. He is able to drive her expensive car with no license wherever he wants, live in her expensive house and even have his bills paid by her, while he barely works, or he slangs dope and brings it back to her home, endarring her. These women will give birth to the child of the pookie and ray ray and the father will be in prison and unable to provide anything for the child. These women know the many risks that come along with dealing with pookies, but internally they can’t get rid of these types of men. These men have the women emotionally attached, even though they have accomplished significantly less. You will encounter these women and they appear to be normal and functioning in a proper manner, but internally they are still those little girls in the hood who look up to and desire the dangerous and adventurous man, whom their coworkers are not. You must do your best to discover and avoid these types of women. Do not invest yourself financially, or emotionally into these women because they will only let you down. Do not procreate with these women, as they will have a thug around your kid helping to raise them. If you date these women, do so on the basis of it’s just for fun. They will cheat on you because you are not the man they desire deep down inside of them. Ensure the woman you date and take seriously comes from a background with a father and stable family, because if you do not she will no doubt burn you in the end as she leaves and makes everything you did for her null and void.

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