Why You Need To Make Money

The love of money is not always the root of all evils. It is getting money by any means, even illegal means, that is the root of all evils. Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t love money? The truth is, everyone loves money. We all know how important money is. It can be likened to the blood that runs in our bodies. It is like the engine in an automobile.

You can do almost nothing without money in this world. You won’t even be recognized in your society if you have no money. That’s how important money is in life. If you desire a life of freedom and ease, you must have money. Whatever you decide to do in life, you need money to venture into it. If you have money, you will be respected where you go and people will sing your praises.

There are those who will even grovel at your feet. You’ll have the freedom to do what you want to do and go wherever you want to go. Why do you think people admire celebrities? Why do you think it is very easy for celebrities to put on designer clothes and look good? Is it not because some of them can afford it? Is it not because they have the money? No one admires a poor man.

No one likes to romance poverty. The only alternative to not having money is being broke. And when you are broke, you can easily be broken. When you lack money, you are unable to grow physically, emotionally, financially, and in other areas. Existing without enough money is like driving a car with the brake engaged. You can’t go fast and far. It is always better to have money so much to the extent that you will outlive it.

When you think of old age, you will realize how important having money is. You won’t want to rely on anyone in your old age before you can feed yourself. You won’t want to start begging people before you can afford the basic things of life. Retirement is the single biggest money concern. Nobody wants to be a drain on anyone else. As life expectancies extend, your financial requirements must also extend and soar.

Sometimes in life, inflation will sneak in like a thief. The cost of food, gas, electricity, education, insurance, housing, security, and running a business are increasing. You don’t see inflation in the money you earn but you must see it in the money you spend. That is why it is necessary to earn more money because it will help you to combat inflation. You also need to have money because of people who look down on you.

Money is a great weapon. It makes you a complete human being. You’re not complete without money. You’ll be regarded as a second-class citizen without money. It is a reality that people won’t take you seriously without money. You’ll speak and people won’t answer. You’ll shout and they won’t budge. You’ll bark and they will call you a mad man. Society will look down on you the moment they realize you have nothing than your name.

One of the driving forces in life has been proving the naysayers wrong by having money. There is nothing better than the sense of accomplishment in the face of those that counted you out. This is what money has the ability to do. The lack of money will make people to treat you like a piece of shit. You’ll be seen as a joker. Money is freedom. Wealthy people enjoy the freedom that money provides.

The freedom that comes with having money provides you with the ability to try new things, make new investments and have more choices. But with poverty, your choices are slim. Money doesn’t turn you into a wicked, greedy person, as most poor people have come to believe. You need to commit to getting rid of all limiting beliefs and ideas that may be preventing you from having money. You will need more money to make your dreams a reality.

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