Why You should Live & Fight for Yourself

Introduction – Shattered Illusions
You thought you got it good. You thought that you found your place in the world and that your actions were justified, all was good and that you earned it. But fast forward a few years: you’re a bit older, a young man in his prime and all of a sudden everything you do feels out of place, shapeless and wrong. More than likely you’ve been used, duped and manipulated by your boss, your ‘’friends’’ or that girl you thought cared for you. All you thought was right is suddenly wrong, empty and pointless. And as those illusions were shattered and the truth became vivid and clear, you found yourself lost and without an aim. You are afraid that your time is running out and you wasted it so far. If you can find yourself even a little in those lines, then fear not. All is not lost. There is a way out of this losing fight, a way towards a victory. Read on – we will consider the way out of this pointless drifting, and try to set a new course – towards a man’s freedom and independence.

Real Questions
If we consider that you have these doubts about yourself and your life so far (which are all very healthy doubts, mind you) we can already say you took the first positive step toward bettering yourself. Disillusioned and disappointed by life, you begin doubting. What do I have to show for myself so far? What is my goal in life? How am I living right now? Why did this girl dump me like I was nobody? These are the real questions that you need to ask yourself. And for young, careless guys, the answers are often frightening and suddenly they find themselves aimless. A Man with no aim in life is a terrible and unnatural thing. That is why you need to start answering those questions and seeing things for what they really are.

Envisioned Answers
Now, answering those questions doesn’t make things right all of a sudden, but it is a good step to take. What you need to do is envision the answers, make them your goal and mission in life. To reach them – you need to work for them. That’s all assuming your answer is anything vaguely positive and worthy. I can hardly imagine your answer is: “I want to be a nobody.” It isn’t, is it?
Now that you know what you want to do in life, you are free to start pursuing it. Now to consider what you should and shouldn’t make your mission in life. If you are, in fact, feeling betrayed by those around you, manipulated by women and your time wasted, then we strongly hope your mission is centered around YOU and you only. Remember that nobody will take care of you other than you yourself. Don’t dedicate your efforts in bettering, just in order to chase women and fall time and time again into the same traps. Find you vision of worthiness and fulfillment – and pursue it!

Achieving Independence
A man independent of outside influence is truly a free man. And once he had a taste of that freedom, he’ll want nothing else. Be that man. And what’s the biggest, most manipulative outside influence today? Yes, you are correct – the women. “But Mr. Author”, you might say, “getting laid all the time is being Alpha! I read it on the interwebs so it must be true.”  Don’t fret dear reader – getting laid is certainly a manly thing to do, but not entirely worthy if your every effort is directed to chasing skirts. Moreover, finding fulfillment in between a woman’s legs is the most un-manly thing you can do. It only goes to prove you have no higher purpose or goal in life, that you cannot overcome your urges and that your contentment and sense of worth depend only on women and that void quivering amid their thighs. That’s why once you feel that independence from women, find purpose and meaning in thinking of yourself, you will truly feel free.

The New Found Freedom – Conclusion
And with this newly achieved sense of freedom, you will feel as if the world is laid out before you with all of its possibilities and sources of contentment. As you direct your time and effort to creating a better version of yourself – be it through lifting, exercise, running, and reading, learning or writing – you will realize that a real man, a self-made man, must have a goal in his life. A mission he can pursue and an ideal of his best self affixed before him as the ultimate destination of his hard journey towards self-improvement and fulfillment. Now, what do you do? Start asking questions.

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