Why you should never say “I’m sorry” to women

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You’re on your way to your girl’s house. You stop at the store and grab a bottle of wine for dinner tonight…she’s cooking steak and potatoes, your favorite!

You walk in and she’s wearing a blouse that shows all but her nipples, a skirt so short you could fuck her without bending her over, and heels so high you’d swear she was a stripper. So far so good. Tonight’s looking good for the both of you. Until she looks at the wine you brought over…

“OMG you bought the wrong wine! I told you I wanted Yellow Tail not Arbor Mist!”

What’s the correct response?

A) “I’m sorry baby, I’ll go out and get another bottle right away!”

B) “Relax…the sky’s not falling. We’ll drink this tonight.”

C) “My bad. I’ll get Yellow Tail next time.”

D) “So you’re gonna be a drama queen tonight?”

The answer is anything BUT “A.” B, C, and D would suffice with B being the best answer. The point is to NEVER EVER say “I’m sorry” to a woman EVER and here are the reasons why.

Are you really sorry?

Going back to the above example where you bought the wrong wine (which isn’t a big fucking deal in the first place) you’re not really sorry about getting the wrong wine. Being sorry about something means you regret what you’ve done. And regretting what you’ve done means that if you had it to do again, you’d do it differently because of the consequences of your actions.

Did the world come to an end because you bought the wrong wine? Did your girl dump you because of it? Of course not. So if you’re not sorry about something then there’s no reason to say that you’re sorry about it.

Women never respond well to groveling

Even in more serious circumstances, like cheating. NEVER SAY YOU’RE SORRY! Yes, you might not like the consequences of getting caught cheating. You might not like your girl’s reaction when she finds out you were balls deep in your side chick. But are you REALLY sorry you fucked her? Do you REALLY regret blasting loads in her face? Of course not. So don’t fucking apologize.

“But Donovan, how do I handle the situation? If I can’t say ‘I’m sorry’ how do I smooth things over with my girl?”

Easy. Say everything BUT “I’m sorry.” You can APOLOGIZE but you cannot say “I’m sorry.”

“But Donovan, isn’t apologizing the same as saying you’re sorry?”

Not even close.

The apology is the action. Being sorry is expressing regret. There is a huge difference between saying “I’m sorry” and saying “I apologize.” When you tell a woman “I apologize” you’re telling her that you feel badly about hurting her, and violating her trust. You express to her that you wish she hadn’t found out without having to say it out loud.

Dealing with lesser mistakes, use phrases like “My bad” or “My mistake.”

Women hate sorry men

When you tell a woman “I’m sorry” they almost always come back with a witty response designed to further attack your manhood and masculinity. Responses like “Yeah, I’m sorry too” and “Yes, you are sorry” that are common with today’s women….especially black women.

Don’t give her a chance to further disrespect you after you show her your belly by telling her you’re sorry. Use the above responses and don’t give her that chance.

Stop saying “I’m sorry” and her attitude will change

Further, women don’t like when men express regret. Women like men who stick to their guns and remain steadfast in their convictions regardless of the circumstances. Females adore the sticktoitiveness that men have which is why they despise men who are wishy washy.

Wishy washy men say “I’m sorry.” And when a woman knows a man is saying he’s sorry about something he’s not really sorry about, she knows he’s not man enough to NOT express regret in what he’s done. She knows he’s just saying it to placate her and avoid her anger.

She may not respond well when the words “I’m sorry” don’t come out of your mouth but she will respect you for it. Anger is temporary, but the loss of respect that comes with the avoidance of that anger sticks around forever.


“I wish he would stop telling me he’s sorry”

Outside of telling a woman you love her BEFORE she tells you she loves you, there isn’t weaker or more betafied thing you can say to a woman. It wreaks of weakness, supplication, and pedestalization. Women are adept at detecting weakness in men because it’s evolutionarily necessary. Using the words “I’m sorry” will shoot down your chances of ever gaining or regaining respect from your woman.

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