Why you should never tell your girl “Put yourself in my shoes!”

When we get into arguments with our girlfriends or wives about whatever, a lot of times we ask this question:

“Well if you were in my shoes how would you feel?”

Now in these situations we’re thinking logically. We think that if we can make her see the situation from our point of view, she’ll see things logically and understand where we’re coming from and if that happens, we think she’ll come around and totally agree with us.

But there are 2 huge flaws in this logic. The first flaw is that women aren’t logical creatures at all. Trying to appeal to a woman’s logic is useless. I had a consultation client ask me if he should try to be logical when trying to pick up women and I told him Of course not. Women aren’t logical or rational. You don’t walk up on a woman and say shit like “Hey you should give me your number because I make $40,00/year, I drive a reliable Honda Accord, and I have perfect credit which means I can take good care of you for the rest of your life”.

Shit like that’s not gonna make her pussy wet because women base their romantic decisions on emotion and emotion alone. Any man with red pill awareness knows this. Shit, you don’t even have to know the true nature of women to understand they don’t make decisions on anything based on rational thought.

That said, if you expect your woman to see things your way in a disagreement because you did the rational thing and asked her how she would feel if the situation were reversed, you’re gonna be disappointed every time. Again, you’re trying to appeal to her logic which backfires every single time. She’ll say “Well I’d feel differently because of blah blah blah” and whatever her answer is never makes sense because IT’S NOT BASED ON LOGIC.

Her response leads me to the 2nd major flaw in this logic and that’s that women will lie every single time and I’ll give you an example:

Let’s say you and your girl are arguing about her texting back and forth with her ex (which by the way wouldn’t happen if you’ve groomed her properly and were a true 5%er red pill male). But for the sake of argument let’s take the typical clueless male in 2018 is in an argument with his woman about her texting with her ex.

They go back and forth, they yell, they get loud and so forth and then he asks her “Well what if I was texting back and forth with MY ex? You wouldn’t like that would you?” And 10 times out of 10 she’ll say “No, it wouldn’t bother me at all because if you told me you two were just friends I would trust you and not suspect anything!”

“My boyfriend’s out of town and I’m bored.”

Now we all know that’s that’s 100% bullshit because she would absolutely have a problem with it and they both know it. But for the sake of winning the argument, and giving herself permission to engage in bad behavior, she lies.

Her lie is a double edged sword because not only does she tell him she’d be okay with it, the reason she gave indirectly accuses him of being possessive and jealous, and controlling. When girls say “of course I wouldn’t have a problem with it because I would trust you” what also they’re doing is shaming men into ignoring his instincts by tell their men that they would trust them in the same situation for no other reason but to create the margin they need to cheat.

But then later on down the road, when she asks you who you’re texting and you tell her it’s your ex she loses her shit. And when you remind her of what she told you before, she will ALWAYS SAY “but that was different!” and come up with a bunch of bullshit reasons as to why your situation was different from hers and why she has the right to be pissed and why you didn’t. Again, this is how today’s women work and they do this EVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT FAIL.

Guys, listen to me when I tell you this: NEVER EVER attempt to put your girlfriend in your shoes or ask her how she would feel if she were in your position or if she’d be alright with you doing whatever it is that she’s doing because she’s never going to answer rationally, and she will never answer honestly. This is a lose, lose situation no matter what.

The “put yourself in my shoes” technique NEVER EVER goes well and it never ends well. If your girl is texting with her ex, tell her to stop it or you’re gone. Period. And be ready to follow through because if you’re not, she won’t stop the behavior and it is a mathematical inevitability that she’ll start fucking him behind your back. I guarantee it.

“Put yourself in my shoes” only works in theory.

If you want your woman to stop the behavior, tell her to stop, and leave it at that. No explanations, no rational questions, none of this “well how would you feel if I did the same” none of that shit.

And if your woman asks you to think about this from HER perspective or :how would you feel if I did the same?!” tell her “Stupid question….I’m not a woman.” And leave it at that.

Let her throw a fit, let her talk, let her bitch, let her cry. Stand your ground and don’t feed into her emotional shenanigans. Eventually she’ll calm down and have more respect for you because you’ve shown her that you’re not the kind of man who’ll be manipulated by a simple role reversal technique.

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