Why You Shouldn’t Approach in the Gym

Dealing with the topics of gaming and men’s lifestyle, it’s often encouraged and certainly important to approach women and have a dating life. It shouldn’t be a big deal, right? We have to agree. Cold approaches, dating and gaming are all an important part of self improvement and getting to know yourself and your abilities.
But there are exceptions. Sometimes approaching can lead to trouble and nothing else. Those who don’t like to think things through will be quick to disagree, but would quickly learn from their own mistakes. Places where this rule of “no approaching” applies are those places you depend on and visit frequently. This could be your workplace, or even better – the gym. So let’s dissect this issue of approaching, while using the gym as an important example. Why shouldn’t you approach in the gym? Let’s find out.

Keep the Ball in Your Own Court
When entering a new society, a new surrounding on which you will depend and which you will need to visit frequently, you want things to be as smooth as possible. No enemies, no fuckups, no embarrassment and no drama. The most important place for this rule is your job – don’t game on your job.
But the gym is also important. You go there often, perhaps even daily, in hopes of improvement. Hell, you even like it there. So naturally you’d want things to go smooth. But then again, the place is packed full with hot thots in yoga pants. You’re just dying to approach – but trust us, don’t. That’s a sure way to lose the balance and fuck it up. Why?
Gaming thots often leads to ONS, flaking, disappointments and gossip. If the girl is a recurring face in the gym, then you risk losing a lot of face. If you fail in any way with her, then every other bitch in there will know about it. Don’t be surprise when smirks and laughs start showing.

The other possibility is You losing your gym membership. If you pump and dump, and she feels used, or her ego gets bruised (and it most likely will), with just a single point of her finger your gym membership is a thing of the past. You lose your money, your place of peace and you need to find a new one.
But hey, these thots like to give you some signs and then shoot you down like a little dweeb. So if you do approach and get shot down, there could be a bit of discomfort in the future.

Sometimes the Sidelines are Better
Why is it sometimes better to just stand aside and watch the things around you unfold? First, you can learn. You can observe and see some other fella get shot down in flames, instead of you. You can see some over confident chad swooping in for the kill on some resting bitch faced feminist with her head in the clouds – only to be accused of sexual harassment and getting kicked out of the gym like a bum.
But most importantly, you shouldn’t even think of these things when you are in the gym. The time you spend working out should be the best and crucial part of your day. You should get in there, get in your mindset, and get in a killer workout. Gym is for exercise. It’s not a lounge, it’s not a club, nor a bar. You go there  to get ripped, pumped, sweaty and sore. Keep that in mind next time, and ask yourself did you give your best or did you cheat?
Nobody wants to be THAT guy in the gym who walks for an hour, checks his phone, and does jackshit the entire time he’s there. Don’t be that man.

Have Standards
As we wrote many times before, a man needs to set his bar high. You need to have a goal, a mission, a path to which you will stick no matter what. This is about life, love, money and women. It’s about everything. So – if you set your mission in the gym, to get good and become the best version of yourself – then stick to it. Once you approach that dumbbell rack, everything else is in the background. It’s you, the weights, and your own abilities. No thots in yoga pants, no chatting and meeting people, no phone or social media. This pursuit for your own success should be the number 1 reason why you SHOULDN’T approach in the gym. No more excuses, no more slacking – start doing your best.

We hope you can get the sense of importance behind this dedicated behavior in the gym. You need to break apart that image of gym being a social place – because it’s not. Just like in “Pumping Iron”, where the gyms were full of jacked bodybuilders and rusty old-school weight racks and everybody was giving their maximum to achieve their goals.
And most importantly, if you’re reading this and you’re not going into the gym, do us a favor: press that big red X button, get dressed and get to the nearest gym. We’re sure you want to improve your life.

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