Will Nigerian Pastors Make Heaven?

Most times, I am confused when Nigerian pastors start acting like they are secretaries to God. They act like they know everything about God. Sometimes they speak as if they are seeing God physically. They criticize others of robbing God. They challenge others. They act like they are not part of us. And sometimes I ask myself: ‘will these people make heaven?’ Pastors criticize church members of robbing God. But, who is actually robbing God? Bowen University is N650,000 per semester. Covenant University is N640,000 per semester. Benson Idahosa University is N500,000 per semester. And Babcock University is N450,000 per semester.


Can you see? That is not the end. Redeemers University is N450,000 per semester. Ajayi Crowther University is N350,000 per semester. Madonna University is N350,000 per semester. It must be noted that all  these universities were built from tithes and offerings of the common people who now can’t afford to send their children to these schools today. Do Nigerian pastors really believe in God? Do they know God? Do they know where God lives? Are they truly worshipping God or they are worshipping monehey? Where is the morals and responsibilities of the

churches as charity in Nigeria?


What is the difference between church and political leadership in Nigeria? These schools were all built with the sweats of their church members who kept sowing seeds towards kingdom expansion. But these pastors are expanding their own pockets and sending their children overseas. But church members are paying special offering. They are giving first fruit seed, redemption seed, thanksgiving seed, harvest seed, tithes, pastor’s seed, church building seed, evangelism seed, father’s day seed, mother’s day seed, children’ day seed, pastor’s cake seed, olive oil seed and so on. These schools are now elite

schools, only for the rich politicians’ children.


The gainers (those pastors) then use the profits to buy private planes and jets to fly up high in luxury, ride exotic cars and live in expensive mansions, while their members, (who are mostly the least of Jesus people) sleep hungry. The next Sunday, those pastors will grab the microphone and start reading Malachi 3:6-12 to their members again without making reference to Deuteronomy 14:22-29 about their own responsibility to these poor members in their churches. It is just unfair. The truth is that Nigerian pastors are con artists. They are swindlers. There is no atom of godliness in them.


Nigerian pastors don’t respect God. They only respect money. If they mount the pulpit and they are telling you that they fear God, please don’t listen them. They are liars. There are churches almost everywhere in Nigeria and yet we all swim in corruption and ungodliness. We cheat one another. We lie. We kill. We destroy. These are not attributes of God. God is holy but Nigerian pastors are far from being holy. They only know about themselves and their family. They are idiots. They keep milking their congregation. They keep cheating gullible worshippers. They keep using the name of God to rob people.


In Nigeria, we blame politicians most of the time because they steal money meant for the masses. We blame them almost every time for almost everything. But, the atrocities being committed by some Nigerian pastors are greater than the ones that even politicians are committing. We know that most Nigerian politicians are relatives to the devil. But how about Nigerian pastors who claim to know God? Shouldn’t they display the qualities of God? Are they not expected to be holy and truthful? Are they not expected to be fair in their actions? Don’t be surprised that there are Nigerian pastors who are praying for politicians who are stealing the money meant for the masses. That is why Nigeria is like this. That is why Nigeria may not get better, because we are all corrupt!

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