How women contradict themselves as they get older

A while back i fired off this tweet to point out the fact that women are confused about what they want in men at any given time, that they never date, fuck, or even marry men their own age:

But there’s an even more stark contradiction women regularly engage in (among the many they’re already privy to) and that’s when they shame men for doing exactly the same thing they do in terms of their romantic interests.

Let’s take a look at the progression:

16 year old slut: “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number!”

Girls these days are losing their virginities at extremely young ages. The girl I talked about in the episode below lost hers at 12 years old.

“Amy” had an affinity for older men because her father was in and out of prison. This is what’s known as “Daddy Issues” in the ‘sphere.

Thing is, liking older men isn’t exclusive to girls who have daddy issues. All teenaged girls are more attracted to older guys. It’s not uncommon for a 16 year old girl to have a 28 year old boyfriend. And a lot of these girls are dating and fucking guys in their 30s and 40s.

When older women shame her for having a boyfriend twice her age, she clings to the “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” canard to justify her decisions.

The contradiction here is that when she gets older, she’ll shame the very women who engage in this behavior knowing full well she’s a decade and a half removed from the very same behavior which brings me to the next age…

16 years later: “Your girlfriend’s only 19? Creep! Pervert! Pedophile!”

So now the slut is 32, past the wall,and male attention is dwindling. She’s still getting offers from men because they’re thirsty, but these men are far from the hot bad boys who used to make her panties wet in her teens and 20s.

These days she’s all but invisible to these men because they’re too busy fucking younger, hotter, tighter versions of themselves. When they see younger girls with these men, they feel a twinge of bitterness and anger which causes them to lash out and say things like:

“She’s got daddy issues”

“He’s such a fucking pedophile! Why does he want a girl that young anyway?! He must be a loser to want to be with girls who don’t know any better!”

Funny thing is, she had no problem with taking the cocks of older men when she was a teenager.

16 years after that: “So I’m a cougar…sue me!”

That’s what the masses would like for you to believe to keep you away from younger, tighter women

After 3 decades riding the cock carousel she’s now pushing 50. She knows her age alone takes her out of the running to be considered for marriage or kids by men that matter. She had this rude awakening when she looked in the mirror one morning and realized “Holy shit! I’m 48 years old and I’m not married, I don’t have a boyfriend, no children and men don’t want me anymore!”

The good news is that she’s not completely wrong. There are men out there that still want her but only for a one night stand or a fuck buddy arrangement. But they will never commit to her long term as men of value never commit to sluts, older women, and older women who are former party sluts.

This hard truth will send her into a deep depression. But there’s one thing that can temporarily stop her pain and that’s the “cougar lifestyle.” She start fucking younger guys to make herself feel young and desirable again. No, a 25 year old won’t commit to a 42 year old slut but in her mind it’s better than nothing.

But then they’ll turn around and shame men in their late 40s for fucking 22 year old girls. So it’s fun and sexy and great for women to sleep with younger men but it’s sick and perverted for men to do the same thing? Fuck outta here.


This just goes to show that women are as fake as a $4 bill. They know damn well the real truths about the sexual dynamics in today’s sexual marketplace but pretend to be ignorant to give themselves permission to sling arrows at men.

The real reason they’re pissed is because men don’t want them anymore and it’s as simple as that. Fake shaming isn’t going to change that and they know it. But hey, age ain’t nothin’ but a number right?


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