Do women get validation from Sexual Harassment claims?

The embattled Harvey Weinstein

With the recent firings of Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, and other high level celebrities, men in power, etc. it’s clear that in 2018, sexual harassment claims are only going to increase. The reason for the inevitable increase is that it’s now incentivized. If you’re a woman who has ever worked for a powerful male, there is no downside to “coming forward” and regaling the world of your “horrible experience” at the hands of an evil, predatory, perverted, sexual deviant of a man.

The embattled Harvey Weinstein

Women not only get attention and praise for their “bravery”, there’s also a financial windfall that comes with outing their former bosses. Whether it’s hush money or not, females now have financial motivations to accuse a man of sexual harassment. But there’s something else that comes with such claims and it’s more valuable than the money, attention, and fame put together:

Sexual validation

There is nothing more important in this world to the female species than being desired. They want it more than money, more than marriage, even more than children. To be validated sexually by men is at the top of every woman’s list of priorities. Her children are a distant second.

Gemma Teller Morrow from Sons of Anarchy dropped this Red Pill bombshell when she said this to a young woman who was clearly naive about the way the world works:

Real talk…

So what’s that got to do with sexual harassment claims?

Simple. When a woman files a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, etc. it indirectly tells the world she is an attractive woman. Men don’t make sexual advances toward women they are not sexually attracted to. The claim lends itself to an automatic assumption of sexual attractiveness because subconsciously people would never ascertain that a man would sexually harass an unattractive woman.

I’ve discussed this in a previous podcast:

So when a woman complains to HR about her boss hitting on her, she feels a sense of sexual validation because being (allegedly) sexual harassed is a marker of attractiveness. And no amount of money, attention, or accolades of “courage” can give her a better feeling that that of sexual attractiveness.

Ugly women don’t get paid

Ever notice that ugly women who make these claims never get settlements? Have we seen or heard of a fattie or an ugly chick getting hush money from the accused? There are 2 reasons for this:

#1 – She wasn’t really sexually harassed: Ugly bitches don’t get hit on by high value men. Period

#2 – Everyone knows she wasn’t really sexually harassed: Ugly bitches don’t get hit on by high value men and everyone knows it. 

“He totally wants me!”

These are the reasons ugly bitches who file false sexual harassment claims never get settlements or hush money. They know that if they went public, nobody would believe them which throws her leverage right out the window. Regardless of what people may say out loud, they know that men with money and power have access to beautiful women constantly. For that reason they would never risk their reputation, financial future, or their livelihoods hitting on a fat or ugly female, thus, the reason ugly bitches never get paid in these instances.

At the end of the day…

…those in the know understand that public sexual harassment claims is always a net positive for women. They have nothing to lose, everything to gain. Even if their claims are proven to be false (something the public doesn’t seem to be interested in in the first place), they still get all the attention, accolades and even money if there’s a payoff beforehand.

But the most important benefit that comes from these accusations is the indirect marker of sexual attraction. Women bank on the fact that the public would automatically assume that she is sexually attractive enough for a man to break a law to try and be with her.

Most women wouldn’t tell anyone this in an honest moment, not even themselves. But this is where having a handle on the female mind and how it works comes in handy.


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