Why Women Lie About Their Notch Counts

Most men (myself included) have made the egregious mistake of asking a female we’re romantically involved with the question we don’t really want or need to know the answer to:

How many men have you slept with?

Regardless of what she tells us it’s always a surprise. Doesn’t matter if she tells you 5, 10, 20, or 100. Whatever she tell us, our reaction is always “Jesus fucking Christ that’s a lotta dudes!”

Thanks to the red pill and the brother pill, we now know with 100% certainty that whatever number a girl tells you in terms of how many dicks she’s taken in her holes, is always a lie. And any female who denies that is also lying. And any man who denies that is obviously still in the dark.

“You fucked how many guys???”

But what got me thinking about women and notch counts is that my girl was on the Red Pill Women sub reddit (which is a misnomer wrapped in an oxymoron at best)and saw a question posted by a chick asking if girls should lie about their notch counts.  However, the interesting thing is every single person who responded,  rightfully assumed that she was asking if women should reduce their number when asked.

She didn’t ask “Should we reduce our notch count number when asked about it?” she asked “Should women lie about their notch counts” and everyone knew that she wasn’t talking about lying by increasing the number of dudes she’s been fucked by.

That question alone emphatically confirms that the average female gets way more cock, than the average man gets pussy. Not that I had to tell you guys this, but anyone who’s still in the dark about how slutty females are, that query should tell you all you need to know. But I digress…

The question posed isn’t really a good one because the obvious answer is to never ask this question to a woman you’re involved with in the first place. The real question is why do women lie about their body counts? Why are they dishonest when men and women alike ask them about the number of dicks she’s taken?

Let’s start with reading between the lines when she opens her mouth to lie to us.

Deciphering her answer(s)

“So, like, counting you…like 5?”

So you make the mistake of asking your girl how many cocks she’s ridden and she tells you: “Okay Donovan, if you really wanna know, I’ve had 45 partners in my life.”

Red Pill reaction

Red pill aware Donovan knows for a fact, that this bitch has been fucked by at least 150 cocks…..easy. Most of us are familiar with “the rule of 3”  which is however many girls a dude says he’s fucked, divide it by 3, and however many dudes a girl says has fucked her, multiply that by 3.

5%ers (red pill aware men) like myself call it the rule of 7, but depending on her age it’s a sliding scale:

In her 20s: multiply by 5

In her 30s: multiply by  6 or 7

In her 40s: multiply by 8 or 9

In her 40s and still mildly attractive: multiply by at least 10.

Now some of you might think “Donovan that’s fuckin’ extreme dude. If a 43 year old woman tells me she’s fucked 25 guys there’s no way she’s fucked 250 dicks!”

And to that I say, keep your head in the sand, bruh. But when you and her keep running into her ex boyfriends, ex flings, ex hookups, and ex fuck buddies all the time, you’ll come around.

You’ve gotta understand that because of dating apps, women can fuck dudes into the double digits within a calendar week. Even ugly chicks are gettin’ dick thrown at ‘em on the regular on these apps and dating sites. We know that women have zero impulse control and need constant validation so if you think for one second your woman in her 40s hasn’t fucked 150 dudes if she tells you 15, I’d strongly recommend going back to Red Pill 101 until this undeniable truth sinks into your thick skull.

Blue pill reaction

Blue Pill Donovan would be (and has been)  shocked because he doesn’t know how slutty women really are. Point blank period. He’s never gonna get over that number because never in his wildest dreams would a woman ever sleep with men into the double digits let alone half a hundred.

“Why are you so mad? A lot of girls have fucked 75 guys!”

Now if she lies to you and says “Okay Donovan, if you really wanna know I’ve slept with 11 guys my entire life and 8 of them were my boyfriends at the time. Yeah I made 3 mistakes but they were a long time ago.”

Going back to red pill Donovan, he knows this chick’s been fucked by dudes into the triple digits. The reason he knows this beyond the shadow of a doubt is because she put the number too low. Every girl lies about her notch count and all of them and they do it in one of 2 ways:

#1 – They make the number high enough so that it’s believable but slightly eyebrow raising, or…

#2 – They make it so low it makes them look like an epic whore because she’s trying to get one over on us because her body count number is exorbitant and she thinks she’s fooling you by giving you a ridiculously low answer. 

Back to blue pill Donovan who would still be shocked at her 11 but be comforted by the fact that she only “made 3 mistakes” and that she “only had sex with men she was in a relationship with.”

Blue Pill Donovan’s in for a rude awakening…

So why do they lie?

There are 2 simple reasons why women lie about the number of guys they’ve slept with:

#1 – They know women who sleep around are sluts and that it’s wrong

#2 – Because she likes you

Back in early June I did a show breaking down the difference between studs and sluts. Essentially the answer to the age old question “Why are guys who sleep around studs, but girls who sleep around are sluts?”

The bottom line is that women know that being a slut is easy. They also know that because being a slut is easy, that it’s nothing to be admired for. A girl bragging about all the guys they’ve fucked is like a man bragging about the fact that he brushed his teeth this morning. People aren’t revered nor respected for performing acts that are easy.

Further, biologically speaking, women have to be more selective of who they have sex with because they have a finite number of years they can reproduce, and that their prime sexual desirability has a very short shelf life. Taking a man’s loads is reproductively irresponsible but abortion, birth control, and glorifying promiscuous behavior have literally shut down women’s slut shields. There’s no consequences for being a ho in 2017.

Girls also lie about their notch counts because they actually like the guy that asks her. Regardless of what she says out loud or on social media, she knows that guys don’t respect slutty girls nor do they ever really consider them for a long term relationship. Any woman can get dick…it’s the commitment they’re really after.

I mentioned something to this effect in a previous column here:

A girl who gives you a number closer to her real number isn’t trying to get with you. She may not give the real number (say….129 or so) but she’ll have no issue telling you she’s fucked a lot of dudes. The reason for this is that she doesn’t like you. She doesn’t care if you know how licentious she is because she has no interest in you.

When she tells you and you recoil or say “Wow, that’s a lotta guys!” she’ll simply laugh it off, shrug her shoulders and say “You only live once” because she doesn’t care that you think she’s a slut. And if she doesn’t care, she’s not into you. Period.

“C’mon tell me the truth…how many?”
“Umm…let’s change the subject!”

A girl who’s into you will always lower her body count if you ask and if it’s really high, she might evade the question altogether. Women aren’t complicated at all, gentlemen. They’re simple creatures who do simple things for simple reasons. They lie about their notch counts because they know it’s wrong to sleep around and they might actually like the guy who asks her. It’s as simple as that.

At the end of the day…

…you should never ever ask a woman this question. Not only will you never be alright with the answer, you’re putting yourself in a no win situation…especially if you have red pill awareness.

Blue pill men and simps have the luxury of ignorance. They don’t know how the sausage is made and while that always ends up burning them sometime down the road, it actually helps them (at least in the short term) when he asks a woman this question. When she tells him something like “well counting you I’ve only slept with 3 guys!” he’ll thank his lucky stars to have found such a chaste and virtuous woman!

But 5%ers will know that same girl’s probably slept with at least 200 men. Yes it’s good to know about women, what makes them tick, how to handle them, and so forth. But asking a woman her notch count is always a bad idea as a red pill aware male because no matter what she tells you, you start losing attraction for her the instant she answers you because you know she’s a fuckin’ liar.

Yes, we know about slut tells and these days it’s easy to see spot sluts but there’s no real way to know how many cock’s a woman’s taken unless you’ve seen her in porn (which you shouldn’t be watching in the first place). By not knowing at least you can stay attracted to her sexually. If you ask her how many dudes she’s been with you’re quite literally committing attraction suicide either way.

The best course of action is to never ask in the first place.

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