Women Love to Justify Their Cheating: Response to the Hello Beautiful Article Analysis on “Insecure”

I just read an article from Hellobeautiful.com that popped up on my Facebook feed that originally had me puzzled, then just pissed me off—mainly because the title doesn’t correlate with the text. The article is below.


Why Black Men Can’t Forgive Issa But They Can Forgive Themselves For Cheating


Before I dive into this, we have to realize how delusional a lot of black women are. Why would a real womanizer care about a fictitious woman cheating on a man? Let’s start there…

Ms. Keyaira Kelly gave an analysis of the hit HBO show ‘Insecure’ and why Black men are rooting behind the character Lawrence.

The article starts off with how guys cheered as Lawrence got revenge sex from Tasha after his girl cheated on him in season 1 and had angry sex with Issa in Ep. 1 of the second season.

Immediately she turns Issa into a victim; how we should have had sympathy for her.

To save your time, the entire article basically flips the script by trying to put the show on the other foot.

In her own article, she states, “So to begin, cheating is trash. I’ll never defend a cheater-just pack your shit and go if you’re unhappy.”

However, she never suggested that Issa should’ve left.

Instead, she went on to epitomize Lawrence as the poster child for black men not providing. How Issa had to contribute in the relationship by working because Lawrence didn’t make enough money at Best Buy.

As the article goes on, she basically whines that Black women have higher standards to uphold than Black men.


Therefore, Issa had every right to cheat on Lawrence with Daniel because she had to pull her weight for a while and didn’t see an instant benefit.

NEWSFLASH: Relationships are a two-way street.

Not to mention Daniel didn’t have to support financially at all before she gave him some. So what agreement did they have? What did he have to uphold before getting the ass?


Her cheating was an example of her living out her true sexual nature.

She wanted Daniel, but needed to work things out with Lawrence in order to save face. Honestly, that’s why the men were cheering for Lawrence…

He represents the everyday man who does what he can to provide for his family. He plays by the rules and makes honest money.

However, when the relationship hits a rough patch and the woman’s needs aren’t met, he has to witness his lady trying to monkey branch to another man for her own security. Or even worse, trying to fulfill a silly fantasy in her head.

Now, what happened to leaving if a person isn’t happy? To me, it’s just something that people say.

And to really pull her card, this is just a piece getting back at an ex.

She gives reasons why men cheat as if they’re inexcusable, then proceeds to mention him by name:

How are you going to say it’s not right for man to justify his cheating, but then turn right around and justify Issa’s?

And as for the whole “men won’t forgive themselves for cheating,” who says that men are trying to? Womanizers are playing the game and adulterers pay the piper once everything hits the surface.

To summarize this piece, women apparently suffer more than men do in relationships, therefore their cheating is justified.

Point. Blank. Period.  

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