Women Were Created To Serve Men

Dear Nigerian young women and feminists, I pity some of you because of the wrong teachings those who think they are enlightened among you are stuffing down your throats. Those of you who are still within the age bracket of twenty and forty years will not understand me now. In your mind, you are still young and fresh and energetic and can do whatever you want. By the time you reach forty, your brains will open and you will begin to see the reality of my words. I still want to repeat, in this society of ours, especially Africa, women cannot do without men.

As African women and girlfriends, if you don’t humble yourselves and wash our boxer shorts and clean the dishes and even flush the toilet after us, you will lose at the end. Do you hear me clearly? Africa values humility from every angle, especially from a woman. A woman that is proud will spend her entire life being single. And if she is not married, she must have a man by her side who is dicking her. If you don’t bow down for a man, at least you must bow down for his penis. You can’t escape us entirely.

And if you don’t bow down for any of the two, you must spend your entire life in silent regret and sadness. I know it is easy to come on social media and say you don’t need a man to be happy, deceiving yourselves and calling it feminism. But, deep down, you know your life is filled with bitterness and anger. Women are created to serve men. In the kitchen. In the bedroom. Everywhere. It will never be the other way round. If you read your Bible very well, you will understand that Adam had been created before Eve was. Eve was created for Adam, not Adam for Eve.

Women were created to be useful for men. You were created to make things easy for us. And how do you make things easy? Isn’t it by cleaning the house, working in the kitchen, washing our clothes, mopping the floor, and even flushing the toilet when we are done, and satisfying us sexually in the bedroom? You can’t change the order of things. You can never be complete without us. You can be arrogant however you want, but that doesn’t change the natural order of things.

You can’t claim equality with men. It is impossible. We are not equals and we will never be. For those of you who are young, you can move around and ask single mothers if they are truly happy. They are not. They may try to fake it but they are not happy. Didn’t you hear about Linda Ikeji’s story? People thought she was happy because she is rich and not married. She also put on an appearance of happiness. But who would have believed that Linda was going secretly to get dicked until she got pregnant and got a baby out of wedlock?

You can reject a man but you can never reject a dick. Your body is not a log of wood. I think the problem is that many of you are trying to run away from responsibilities. You are trying to run away from washing our clothes. It is your responsibility. You can’t run. You can’t avoid what you were created to encounter. I know what I’m saying now may not make sense to those of you women who are still young, but it will make sense to you when you become old, when you would have been passed around like a ball and fucked by many dicks.

You don’t need to be angry with me for saying these words. I’m only trying to help your life. I’m only trying to save you from regret. Humility is very important in a relationship. I’m not asking you to be stupid. No. Humility and stupidity are not the same, for those of you African young women who are educated. I’m not saying you should tolerate everything from a man but you shouldn’t forget that your lives revolve around us. The world is partriachial in nature and women will continue to be below men. You can make all the money you want in the world but you will still be subjects to men.

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